Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Writing N Things

Well, this is a first .. I've been thinking about blogging, I've been talking about blogging, I've been reading about blogging, and finally .. here I am .. blogging!

This may also help keep my weekly sent Newsletter Update a bit more on the 'needlework' side instead of the"here's what's happening in my world" side .. although I hear constantly about how my subscriber stitchers enjoy hearing about the things I'm doing or stuff that's going on. They tell me it makes them feel like they're hearing from a friend, not just a 'shop'. And that's what I've always tried to do .. be a real person you can talk to and not just a brick & mortar place on the other side of your computer. We'll see how that goes .. I may still keep yammering on like I've been doing, and just do some different yammering on here!

Yeah - it's early here. I woke up about 4am, tried to fall back asleep, and gave up that idea around 5am. Got up, drank coffee, ate cereal, and talked a bit with Dave. He's ALWAYS up by 4am ... such a morning person. Actually, when I say I talked a bit with him, HE talked and I tried to nod and/or smile at what I thought would be the appropriate places. I'm NOT a morning person! But since I was up .. decided to come into the shop and see what I could get done while it was quiet .. and believe you me .. it's quiet here at 6:30am! I guess that's one of the major differences with having my shop within 5 minutes of my home and not a half hour away in Davison anymore. It's not a problem to run to the shop. And, I actually ENJOY coming to the shop .. the problems are gone, the headaches are gone, the stiffness in my neck is gone, and I smile a LOT anymore. This moving of the shop was the best thing I could ever have done!!

And, it's snowing here too. I'm one of the weird Michigan people who actually LIKES the snow, and expects it to happen every year. Most in this southern part of the state seem to be totally surprised that there is snow falling in the winter .. and obviously forget how to drive in it, not only from winter to winter season, but also from snowfall to snowfall. Gee .. all you have to do is go a bit slower and take your foot off the gas pedal first before you think about slamming your foot on the brake pedal!

I plan on posting my stitching projects here, as well as my felting projects - both needle felting and wet felting. Just have to get the pictures transferred from my camera into this computer first. As for the pictures that ARE showing here now, and by that I mean the "folk art pictures', this is another of my absolute loves! I'm a huge follower of the primitive and folk artists you'll be seeing featured here. I also plan on talking about what I'm reading (what a delimna - do I stitch or do I read?) or want to read or thought about reading. Another passion! That's why I'm running in circles most of the time I think .. do I want to watch a movie (the kind you have to watch and not just listen to)? Do I want to read a book, other than the book I'm reading when I'm in bed trying to fall asleep every night? Do I want to stitch? How about doing all those punch needle projects I've surrounded myself with? Felting? I'm having a BLAST scupting dolls and animals and whatever with wool, and then there's making my bowls and vases and coasters doing wet felting. I'm surrounded by too much to do and not enough time to do it in (along with updating my website, adding to my catalog, doing a weekly newsletter, and now ... blogging! What was I thinking? Deb, the overachiever


Miokka said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I look forward to watching your stitching & felting progress.
Woo whoooo.... I'm first to leave a comment!
Stay warm! I do not miss the snow or the cold at all!

Marilyn said...

Love your neat story each week when you start the store update. Really enjoy receiving your weekly newsletter and love your store. Wish we lived closer, and the our Canadian wasn't so low, then I would order more.

Wendy said...

Yay, Deb!

And I have to point out the lovely ad on the right hand side of your blog because I just KNOW you'd laugh yourself silly, too... but the ad under your folk art picture screams "Look Good Naked!"

As if.

Welcome to blogdom, Deb! =)

Unknown said...

This should be an interesting new journey for you Deb! I, too, have been to your store, both in Davison and Fenton...actually, it's my mission to visit as many "stitching" stores that I can! Good Luck with your blog.

Anonymous said...

Welcome fellow blogger! Have fun!

Looking forward to seeing your projects. I'm sure you'll inspire me to work a little more diligently on MY projects.

Kathy said...

Welcome to blogdom. It can be such fun. Sometimes I try to overachieve like you in the blogging world. Am a customer, so hope to hear about all the goings on at the shop.

DIDI said...

Did you start blogging because you thought you could get rid of me easier???? No way!!

I'll be making you company and droping by to read you!

Oh! I miss the snow, it doesn't snow around here.

Hugs from Spain!!

ClaireEJ said...

hey Deb,
Your freedom family miss you but catching up via blog is so much easier these days.
It's good to read it all.
Hugs, C xx

j39jones said...

Hey Deb! Welcome to blogging! Great idea to add this so we (your loyal readers) can keep up with your stressful (but for us, hysterically funny) home life! I love hearing about the animal escapades, the attacks of the mattresses, and all the other oddities that happen to you!
I certainly do wish your store were closer than 10 1/2 hours away! I miss the camps, so much!
Hoping to get back soon!

Kiy said...

Welcome to the blogging world! Careful, it's addictive. :)

Hey, did you know you can get books on cassette, cd and mp3's? That way you can read AND stitch at the same time. I love it, and when I need to stop and actually (gasp) count, I can just hit the pause button on my 'book'.

Cheers, Kiy

The Cat Bastet said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere! I always enjoy your stories in the newsletters and am so glad you started a blog.

Re the read mysteries, stitch, watch/listen to a movie dilemna: I have the same problem. No wonder we get along so well!

Cathy AJ

Anonymous said...

Welcome to blogging, Deb! I've added you to my Google Reader :)

Susie Q said...

I live in northern CO and it is absolutely amazing how people here are stunned when it snows, they forget how to drive and our city council never seems to 'remember' to allot enough money for snow removal...so it has to come out of the 'emergency fund'...guys...where are you living?

CritterLady62 said...

I'm sure you'll enjoy blogging. I know I will enjoy listening to your stories. Never a dull moment with Deb around.

Deb said...

LOL .. Wendy told me that the ad under my folk art picture screams "Look Good Naked!" I've tried but I don't know IF I can make that go away; it came with the art images, but what they have to do with an add for looking good naked is beyond me! Besides, why do you think I'm going to weight watchers??!!