Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shopping N Spinning N Things

Back from 'heaven' into Michigan's cold. It didn't bother me until I was walking the 'tunnel to the terminal' at O'Hare .. and I could see my breath!!! That was a shock! And so far today it's only 7 degrees (actual, remember - I detest wind chill figures!), but the wood stove is warm and I'll be watching a movie and stitching soon, so that's ok!
I fully meant to blog from San Diego but had some computer hook up issues - slow slow connections for the 'economy' rate of $9.95 for 24 hours usage at the hotel. When Theresa got it, we signed up for the 'business' rate of $12.95/24 hours on her computer. She has wireless, I had modem there. But .. since the two computers have different IP addresses, we EACH would have had to pay the $12.95 rate in order for each of us to be able to use our separate computers. NOT!!
Trade show was good .. meetings were good. I'm on The National Needlearts Association's Retail Council Board and have to attend the markets where the meetings are being held .. that's what took me to the West Coast. Historically this Winter Market is for Needlepoint and Knitting .. I do believe that I WAS the ONLY shop owner in attendance who has ONLY Cross Stitch in her shop! But, I found some neat accessories to purchase, and great bags/totes/storage cases, and watch for two EXCLUSIVE SNT items to appear within the next few weeks too!!
The classes were good too .. only had two: a business class on understand how Search Engines work (interesting- Tink Boord-Dill is a fabulous instructor!), and my 'Spinning" class ... it was 'Drop Spindle Spinning'. I went into that class with NO expectations - so if I did well, super! If I did terrible, hey - I wouldn't be surprised! That's the way to a win-win situation for sure!
I did pretty good for a first timer using this HUGE Cat Toy! Drop Spinners obviously do NOT have kitties .. or else they lock themselves in the garage or bathroom while spinning! Think Toy Top .. I could foresee the 'potential dangers' right from the start. And I got all excited as the instructor began to talk about "How To Draft" ... finally something I understood. But apparently, Drafting In NASCAR and Drafting In Spinning are not EVEN the same!!! (sigh)
I mean, I did pretty good in that for the most part, my yarn making was not thick and fat ... I tended, like my Type A+ Personality, to make very fine, easily breakable yarn. And when that spindle is spinning and the yarn breaks, that sucker can really travel across the floor ... fast!!!
The instructor would tell us ... "If there are "fat soft areas", known as slubs in your yarn or thick spots and thin spots, you can keep them and make a novelty yarn". Good thing that was what I was really going for .. I don't knit, but I thought it sure would be fun to have some neat textured fibers of the same color as the wool roving I was using in my felting/wet felting to give it an extra neat look!! So .. all in all, I have entertainment for the cats (hopefully without vet bills caused by the attack of the spindle) and some 'novelty yarn' for my own non-knitting use!
I'm going to end this post now .. and post 'anew'!!

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j39jones said...

I feel your pain Deb!! Imagine coming home from the Caribbean to Wonderful WV (high temp on 1/29 was 18)!! I left the sandy shores of St Lucia, St Kitts, Barbados, Antigua, St Thomas (where the temps were never below 80!!
Then it snowed the night I got home and all day Friday!! There had been no school all week long thanks to the storm!!
So, I know how you feel about coming home to the winter chill.
Hope you had fun though!