Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's an Illness I tell you ...

.. An Illness!!

I'm going on vacation for a week. At the most I'm only going to have an hour to maybe two hours in the evening before going to bed. And I'm packing projects to take with me.

Yes, Projects! With an "s" ... as in the plural!
What am I thinking? But then .. if I don't take extras with me, what if I change my mind and want to start something other than what I brought with me? That surely would be a stress-reducer, right? Then why am I so stressed trying to make sure I pull all of the fabrics and fibers I need before I leave the shop tonight? It's not like I can't run over to the shop from my house only 5 minutes away! (sigh)

I've pulled "Night Song" from Blackbird Design's "Tis Halloween" stocking collection leaflet ... you can see this one at upper right. Fabric ... check! Fibers ... check!

Then, yesterday on my way home, I had to pull everything for an oldie that I've just discovered from Ewe & Eye & Friends .. "Christmas Sock". Don't know how I ever missed this cutie .. I'm going to do him over two on 18ct Olive Green Cork linen with Weeks, Crescent & DMC Perle #5 and some Whisper thread. It'll make up that way to a 'full sized' Christmas stocking to hang from my mantle next to the wood stove! (E&E&F did theirs on 32ct linen). Love that sheep!!! And .. I now have all the materials with me at home to do him with!

We had just received the newest charts from Hinzeit yesterday afternoon and had to place a reorder today for more! In looking to see what all had to be ordered, I looked again at "Vintage Halloween Crow" .. and HAD to grab this one to stitch up too! (I must have a blackbird thing going .. but actually think it's the 'candy corn wing' that sucked me in!)
I'll frame him in the frame shown from Kay's Frames, but can't decide if I'll use the 28ct Natural Light Jobelan the designer used ... or if I'm going with 28ct Heritage from Picture This Plus instead. The hand-dyed is calling my name, but it's a bit smaller cut than what I should be using. Decisions, decisions .. I'm getting stressed again!

Good thing there's the Bristol (NASCAR) race tonight .. I can at least get a start on one of them!
Wonder if I'll actually finish all 3 or just start .. and go on to something else that attracts my eye.
ohhhh .. sparkly!


The Cat Bastet said...

RTFL! This what I do before cross-stitch camp. Which projects to pack? :)

All your projects look really cool. Have a good vacation and have fun stitching!

Doreen Frost said...

I'm the same way..I always bring something along to do while I'm on vacation.

Love the "Tis Halloween" stocking :)