Friday, September 4, 2009

Felting N Writing

Had Wednesday and Thursday off this week (my regular days off) and decided, since the weather was so cooperative, to do some wet felting and nuno felting outside where I wouldn't make a mess that anyone (David!) would yell at me about!

When I was helping at the Humane Society sale in Cheboygan, I got a bunch of curtain material. Called Dave from there and had him grab my Noveau Nuno book .. told him to look in the table of contents under synthetics .. and had him tell me what kind of synthetics it said I could use. 100% Polyester! Yippee .. that's what these curtains were! Now .. I SHOULD have had him read the article to me, but that would have been asking too much. BUT had I had him read it, I would have found out that while polyester can be used in Nuno, it's not the best choice. It will, eventually, felt, but the results would not be the best. It was good for experimenting with however. And to give Dave some credit .. I didn't go back and READ that either .. until AFTER I was through with my Nuno project.

Nick has graciously allowed me to take pictures of him modeling my creations.
It looks 'ok', but .. not that absolutely wonderful (the shawl/scarf I mean). I'm going to felt it further and see if I can get it to work out the way I want it to a bit more that way. Either way, it's nice and warm!

My next creation, that same day, was a Lattice Work shawl. I used Pencil Roving for the layout and while the holes are not exactly all the same size .. I'm a rather impatient person it would appear (no .. not you Deb!) .. I like the way it turned out! It's in smokey greys and blues with a touch of green here and there. Very Highland-ly looking!

I have plans to do another of the Lattice Shawls over this Holiday weekend. I have some deep earth tones and bright brick reds in roving as well as some ribbon yarn, sparkly stuffs and funky twisted yarn .. I'm going to see how 'sparkly and glam' I can get it!
Wish me luck!


The Cat Bastet said...

The scarves look cool and Nick is a wonderful model!

Anonymous said...

Nick is a very patient pup!

The scarves look very nice and Nick --- well, he couldn't be cuter!