Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No - no - say it ain't so!

Downloaded Jim Butcher's latest Harry Dresden "Changes" to my Kindle and started reading.  Went through it like a little whirlwind ... and then I got to the ending.  Went forward ... no, that was the end.  Went back a couple of pages ... still the same ending. Dave had been impatiently waiting for me to get through it .. I deliberately didn't tell him I had it downloaded until I'd started reading .. he would have laid claim to the book device before I got to it!  So when I announced I'd finished it, he pounced!
He was nearly through it this morning and couldn't stop reading!  I took a look-see and saw he'd be through in a little while, so stayed home waiting for him to finish.  I wanted to see his face when he got to the ending.  Needless to say, Debbie beat me to the shop this morning!  Dave felt the same way I did ... ".. Butcher had better come out with another book within the next week or so - we can't wait!  This had better NOT be the end of the series!"  I'm sure we'll be discussing this further when I get home tonight.
Ok .. now I have a phew and a not-so-phew.
Not So Phew:  Just found out Changes is NOT The end of the series!
Phew:  Next edition isn't due out till March 2011.

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The Cat Bastet said...

It's hard waiting for the next book in a series, esp after a cliffhanger ending! I'm glad he's still writing.a