Wednesday, March 13, 2013

   Phew!  Winter Market in Long Beach CA is over!  3 weeks later and the Nashville Market in TN is over!  9 days later and I'm in the final stretch for the shop's annual Camp Stitchalot Stitcher's Retreat!  Some may say they don't know why I plan everything so close together .. but the only thing *I* have a part of in planning is Camp Stitchalot!  And the St.Patrick's weekend has become a tradition it seems .... shortly after Nashville Market and before Easter begins!
    I always bring my shop 'on the road' with me to Camp and have a room at the hotel that becomes the SNT Boutique.  This year we will be hosting 5, count em 4 Designer Trunk Shows at Camp!  Featuring stitched designs from ERICA MICHAELS... from ROSEWOOD MANOR .. from SAMSARAH .. and from THE STITCHING BEAR!!   It's going to be interesting to see just 'how' I'll get all their stitched models AND charts set up and displayed in my Boutique room along with all the other stitching goodies & essentials that I bring.

   YOU .. the stitching public .. are invited to come to the Stitches N Things Boutique to see (and purchase) the Trunk Shows from these incredible designers!

   We'll be at the Davison Inn (previously known as The Comfort Inn) at  10082 Lapeer Rd.  in Davison Michigan ... Friday March 15 from 4pm through Sunday March 17, 2013 at 2pm  
Hope to see you at our Trunk Show!    And maybe ... next year ... you will join us at Camp Stitchalot for our entire stitcher's retreat!  We'd love to have you!


Deb Jochim said...

Hi Deb -
Wish I were close enough to be there!
Have a wonderful and successfully fun weekend. Thank you for EVERYTHING! Will talk to you soon.

Betsey of Rosebush, MI said...

Just read your newsletter for Friday, 3/22/13. Count me as one of your readers that likes to hear about your mother. In fact, when you don't mention her, I wonder how she is doing. I have a 97 year old father who is in similar circumstances. But even if I didn't, I would like to hear about your life. Sometimes in life, we are swimming along in a beautiful river and we bump into a turd that is floating in the water. Just splash it away as quickly as possible, continue your beautiful swim and forget it ever happened. You are an incredible person. You don't need to give the turd another thought. Write and stitch on!

Anonymous said...

Deb --
I count so much on reading about your experiences with your mother! Shame on that person (or persons) who doesn't want to read about them. I, too, am going through tough times with my mom who is 89 and living in poor health in an Alzheimer's residence. It has meant a lot to me for you to share what you've been going through. Please don't stop!!!

Sue A/TX said...

I couldn't believe what I was reading about someone thought you should not mention your mother in your newsletters. Has that person never dealt with a family member who is losing, or has lost, their memories? I've been where you are with your mother, except that first it was my grandmother, then my mother and after that my mother-in-law. If I had not been able to laugh about some of the things they said, and wanted to do, I might have gone crazy. Keep sharing the stories of your life. And, wish I didn't live in southeast Texas because I'd love to visit your shop someday. Sue

Anonymous said...

Love hearing your stories about Dave, your mom, those squirrels. lol It's that last paragraph of your newsletter that I look forward to every Saturday morning, right before I check out all that's new. Please, don't stop sharing!
Linda from Kissimmee

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb......
I look forward to reading your nearly every Friday newsletter! I do look forward to reading about your slightly crazy life. I identify with much of it! It is an endearing quality that you feel you can share some of life's quirky moments!.....Shame on whoever it was that asked you not to write about your Mom! I have a similar situation with my 85 year old mother, and I enjoy reading about yours and empathizing with you. Love it all!
Lake Arrowhead, CA

Vernon said...

This is cool!