Sunday, February 22, 2009

Reading N Stitches

I did it .. I caved! One Kindle II has now been ordered/reserved for me. My poor credit card!!! I had to have this .. Debbie in the shop has one of those cool cell phones with the screen where you move your fingers over it and it changes and it's really cool and I have no idea how it works or how I'd work it but I wanted one and Dave said no like he's in control or something but he's probably right and I would just spend my money on something that's cool to look at when someone else who knows what they're doing is using it so at least now I'll have something cool that other people can look at and go wow-that's really neat! (how's that for a run on sentence?! Mr Davis from English class is doing back flips in his grave right now, I'm sure!!!)

Besides, I don't even have an Ipod .. or know how THAT works .. or an MP3 player and have no idea how that works either. I DO have a cell phone that takes me about 37 minutes to try to figure out how to increase the volume or get a voice message or take a picture (which I never remember that I have that function) and once I take a picture, have absolutely no idea how to 'make it go' anywhere .. like my computer. And don't even get me going on texting ... that will NEVER happen! LOL
So .. sometime in March I'll be getting a 'reading machine' that will even READ out loud to me IN MY CAR if I want it to!!! neat-okeen!!!!!

Since I last posted I've also joined two on-line stitching communities ... The Stitcher's Village (which my shop won't be 'live' on until the 1st of March), and Loose Thread Stitchers (which I'm listed on now)! That's why I'm a member of TNNA - why wouldn't I belong to an organization whose main function is to support my business within my industry?! There are so many shop owners out there that just don't get it and I honestly cannot figure out why they don't get it!! I mean, yeah there IS a fee to join the organization but ... it's only $60.00 a year!!!
Now, these two stitching communities I've just joined have fees too, but I have to think of these fees as 'advertising fees' well spent. I'm advertising directly to where stitchers are looking .. not like a newspaper or tv or radio .. where you 'hope' that maybe, if you're incredibly lucky, someone who might be interested in stitching MIGHT actually see that newspaper ad or hear/watch it right at the moment its being run! Both The Stitcher's Village and Loose Thread Stitchers are 'brand new', so we'll see how this goes .. but I'm looking at it as a very positive move .. not only for me as a shop, but as a stitcher too!!


The Cat Bastet said...

Ooo! A Kindle! I am SO jealous. Will you bring it to Camp Stitchalot so we can all see it?

Anonymous said...

Debbie - enjoy.
I agree with you that I think your advertising dollars are well spent in the stitching communities.


j39jones said...

I too have joined up with Stitchers Village and Loose Threads! It will probably be a big help for me in finding a LNS when I travel! Maybe they can even find one near me!!

Congrats on your new toy! Hope you really like it!