Saturday, March 28, 2009

Reading N Writing N Yawning

I'm tired! I decided that any more than 2 hours of sleep last night was just a waste .. and so have been up since Midnight! Finished reading the 3rd in a series by David Baldacci (Stone Cold - Diana recommended this author to me); added stuffs to my web catalog; petted Mocha non-stop for about 87 minutes; and came into work.
I think I have 'mom' on my mind and ... just can't sleep thinking about worst case scenarios!
Unfortunately, unless I get tons of caffeine into my body before tonight, I'll be trying to stay awake at a concert Kathy is taking me to for my birthday ... at the Flint Whiting, at 8pm, we'll be tapping our toes and bouncing in our seats to Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul. This sounds like so much fun ... she's referred to as "the Jimi Hendrix of Celtic Violin" ... oh well, maybe I can sleep AFTER the concert AFTER I get back home!

I had to turn my Kindle over to Dave so he could start reading a series by Paul Levine that I'd downloaded to it ... Kathy recommended this to me and she was right .. I loved book 1 &2 and so does Dave! I figured he could use my 'toy' while I caught up to where I would be reading real-live-paperback books. But .. I've read my books and he's still in the Kindle. A crisis is brewing!
I can stitch in the evening, but I MUST read to fall asleep ... or when I can't sleep and am too tired to stitch!
I may have to take a trip next door to Liz's Books and find something else for him to read so I can re-claim my toy and all the books I've downloaded to it so far. I even downloaded one in error myself .. and although there is a cancel disclaimer that appears, it doesn't appear long enough for my reflexes to kick in and do something about it. I've read it before, but it's a good one, so I guess that'll be ok! (Murder List by Julie Garwood)
Must be a deb/debbie thing!!!

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The Cat Bastet said...

When I can't sleep I listen to audio books on my iPod. When I'm listening to the book I can't think of anything else and promptly fall asleep! :)