Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Kindle Incident Experience

Ok .. so I fried my Kindle.  Apparently one should never have their Kindle turned on AND plugged into the hard drive and hit reboot on their computer.
Live and Learn ... Dave doubt's I'll ever learn!  BUT I HAVE with this experience.  So had to get a new Kindle .. what to do, what to do ... order a brand new one at the super sale price of $189 OR order a factory refurbished one at $90.00.  Decisions, decisions .. wait, I have no money ... ok, factory refurbished it is!
What was so INCREDIBLE about the "Kindle Incident" was Amazon support!
Went into their website  to see what I could do, and after attempting their often requested solutions to problems such as mine, found where you could e-mail for live tech support help.  A small form to fill out and a place to CLICK that says:   e-mail me     or     call me.
Clicked on CALL ME ... and the phone immediately rang! I mean immediately .. my hand hadn't even left the mouse yet!  And there was Amazon Kindle Tech Support on the line for me!!  The nicest woman to talk to ... I told her "hottest day of the year and I do this to my Kindle and now I was going to go home and kick my dog".  She says .. "no no no don't kick your dog.  If it's that hot out, get one of those water guns and shoot at him .. you'll feel better and he'll cool down getting wet!" .. and she had a sense of humor too!
Of course, the outcome was I needed the new Kindle.  She double checked my payment info and put the order in.  That was on Wednesday .. the Kindle arrived on Friday.  And they shipped it BEFORE I even put the 'toasted' one off in the mail to them .. with their prepaid return postage, I might add!
I hate that I did what I did .. but I am more than astounded with the quality of Amazon's tech support!
Almost Surreal!