Saturday, March 28, 2009

Reading N Writing N Yawning

I'm tired! I decided that any more than 2 hours of sleep last night was just a waste .. and so have been up since Midnight! Finished reading the 3rd in a series by David Baldacci (Stone Cold - Diana recommended this author to me); added stuffs to my web catalog; petted Mocha non-stop for about 87 minutes; and came into work.
I think I have 'mom' on my mind and ... just can't sleep thinking about worst case scenarios!
Unfortunately, unless I get tons of caffeine into my body before tonight, I'll be trying to stay awake at a concert Kathy is taking me to for my birthday ... at the Flint Whiting, at 8pm, we'll be tapping our toes and bouncing in our seats to Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul. This sounds like so much fun ... she's referred to as "the Jimi Hendrix of Celtic Violin" ... oh well, maybe I can sleep AFTER the concert AFTER I get back home!

I had to turn my Kindle over to Dave so he could start reading a series by Paul Levine that I'd downloaded to it ... Kathy recommended this to me and she was right .. I loved book 1 &2 and so does Dave! I figured he could use my 'toy' while I caught up to where I would be reading real-live-paperback books. But .. I've read my books and he's still in the Kindle. A crisis is brewing!
I can stitch in the evening, but I MUST read to fall asleep ... or when I can't sleep and am too tired to stitch!
I may have to take a trip next door to Liz's Books and find something else for him to read so I can re-claim my toy and all the books I've downloaded to it so far. I even downloaded one in error myself .. and although there is a cancel disclaimer that appears, it doesn't appear long enough for my reflexes to kick in and do something about it. I've read it before, but it's a good one, so I guess that'll be ok! (Murder List by Julie Garwood)
Must be a deb/debbie thing!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Stitches N Things

Camp Stitchalot is officially over .. but a few of us are staying just one more night at the hotel stitching and stuff before we are forced to return to the 'real world'. There will be 3 of us here tonight .. it's restful here!

Are you a lover of 'primitive' stuffs? I sure am. I remember at the needlework Markets (trade shows) when Liberty Hill would have hand-painted limited edition wooden stuffs to coordinate with Hillside Samplings designs available for sale in Leslie's room. You'd find yourself standing in a long line in the hotel aisle way for up to an hour at least .. just trying to get through the door and praying that there would still be some Liberty Hill items left for purchase once you did get in! I have a very few of Carolyn's items in my personal collection .. somehow I seem to let stitcher customers purchase even the ones I was saving for me so they wouldn't have to go without something they really wanted. And there I was .. without the item I really wanted! (That happened with my Swan floor stand too .. I sold mine so someone could have it for their Christmas present .. and then found that Kevin wasn't making any more - ever! Dobi - if you decide you want to swap yours for my Artisan Ergo, just say the word!!!!)

Anyhoo .. I was able to get Liberty Hill's Christmas Box (and one for my best friend too) and now Carolyn has another box that will be coming in April. Dare I bring another one home so soon after the last one? Would Dave notice?? Can I afford to???
Probably not.

Especially since I will be taking another weekend of felting classes with Sharon Costello the middle of April .. I can't wait! Friday will be learning how to do Nuno Felting .. on silk .. for scarves and wraps. Then Saturday and Sunday is a 2-day class doing a Needle Felted Animal! I wonder what it will be? If you're in the area and would like to attend, here's the info: April 18 through 20 – Nuno Scarves and Wraps (one day) $100.00 ; Needle Felted Animals (two days) $200.00 Contact: Lana Socia: 517-404-0794 Raven Oak, Howell MI I'd love to have you join me .. the more the merrier!! It was from Sharon's class last April that I began making my felted vessels and peoples! She is fantastic!

Well, I'm going to close out now and go back to stitching with my buds. It figures .. once all of the stitchers left the hotel, the hotel received their new furniture shipment! Hey Campers .. I'll let you know how the sofa and chairs are! Or you can wait and find out for yourselves at our upcoming "A Stitchalot Weekend" October 16, 17 & 18, 2009!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Writing N

It's My Birthday .. and I'll blog if I want to! (oh oh .. now Leslie Gore is trapped in my head)

I'd totally forgotten to tell you. I was showing Debbie my Kindle (when it was still my 'newest of the new' toy) .. how to move around, what it does, how to browse books in the Amazon storefront .. she was holding it while I was instructing. And at that precise second .. the screen displays "CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PURCHASE .. your book is now being downloaded to your device". NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
She looked at me in shock .. I looked at her in disbelief. I wonder if I'll like the book she just made ME pay for?! Very appropriate that the TITLE of the just purchased book was "FOOL" by Christopher Moore. Her for clicking when she should have been clacking .. mine for letting someone play while the 'wireless' was engaged. LOL
I've read bits and pieces of another of his books, "Lamb", that was fall on your face laughing funny, but .. just didn't get into this one. So I deleted it.
On Sunday , I decided to peruse the instructions that came with the Kindle and found out a couple more things:
(1) that as soon as you get the congratulations purchase message, you also get .. at the bottom of the screen .. a message that says "if this was purchased in error, click here". I guess I was just in too much shock to see how easy it was to purchase in error, I didn't see anything else!
(2) that if you delete a book, it goes into an Archive file and is 'saved at Amazon in a file' .. so if in the future, you decide maybe you didn't want to delete it, you can bring it back onto your Kindle device with just a click of a button .. no additional charge.
(3) that you can download music like a MP3 player so that you can have 'background music' playing while you're reading! That sounds really cool .. I wonder what am MP3 Player is and how you get music into it???

Dave is using my Kindle right now .. I'd gotten a book for him to read and he's all caught up on his other reading (we've both read the ENTIRE Harry Dresden Files series up to date!) and was ready for that one. Gave him a crash course on how to use it to 'read' last night .. I'm not even going to show him how to go wireless and browse/purchase!!! I'm relagated to reading a real paper/ink book again right now ... seems weird!

Weather is beautiful .. Sandhill Cranes are back .. see them every morning now. Haven't seen a Robin yet, but the Red Wing Blackbirds are here ... a sure sign of spring! Love it!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Reading N Writing N Things

Wow .. I'm sorry .. I fully meant to be 'here' well over a week ago! Time just got away from me (appears I need a stronger rope)!
Mom continues to do well .. she proudly has a 'star' on the door to her room .. because "she's the best one" - no complaints about anything. Still being that little 'ray of sunshine' to the staff .. she's honestly though, not that bad to me, but she does have some complaints. And, as soon as she complains, she lightly slaps herself across the mouth .. stop complaining, stop complaining, stop complaining. (sigh)
Dave and I took her GRAND-DOG Nick the Golden over to visit on Thursday. We had to have proof that all vaccines were up to date and show what kind of dog he was first, but no problems there .. they know that furry creatures can help raise spirits and lower blood pressure. (Dave would have differing opinions on the 'lower blood pressure' part with Nick .. let's go out, wait-I want back in, no no let me out, ad nausium.) And Nick is a BIG boy again ... 85# ... on a diet again!!! Too many treats and he's not that happy with us changing HIS treat rules!

I thought I'd show you my two newest 'creations' .. I did both on Wednesday afternoon.
The earth toned one is a bit more flimsy than I wanted, but that's my fault. It's done almost entirely with Merino and doesn't have the strength Corriedale or Romney wool lends to wet felting. (Actually, I wasn't paying attention when I was choosing wool .. who me??) The surface color is a fabulous blend of Merino and Silk .. has a sheen to it!

This artsy-fartsy vessel has deep blues and turquoises and soft purples and seafoam all within the lime and deep green outer. The lime wool was dyed by me too! :)
Getting ready for Camp this coming weekend .. I'll be putting together the goodie bags tomorrow and double checking the items that have been marked for 'auction'. (Auction?? What auction?? Campers .. you'll find out AT Camp what I'm talking about!!!) To the best of my knowledge, I have everything else under control ... oops, forgot ... need to put the Class Door Prizes together yet too. That's actually scary .. deb .. under control. WHAT is wrong with this comment?????
Thursday I'll come into the shop (but will be 'imaginary' and not really there) to put together all the stuffs to take to the hotel for sale in the Boutique. (I have another room that is a miniature Stitches N Things right there at the hotel since the 'real' shop is a half-hour drive away.)
So .. I think .. that's that!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Stitches N Things

4 copies of the newsletter! Can you believe it?? I only sent it once .. honest! There have been times where I got antsy (who, patient me??) when I received the message that the server was not responding, would hit submit again (I've since learned NOT to do that! It's in Que to be sent at that time and any further fingering of keys puts it in Que again!)!
I, too, got 2 copies at my one shop email address, 4 through Outlook Express, and 4 at my home email address.
We've been fielding calls and emails from stitchers ALL DAY today about this .. I didn't do it .. really truly! It's something that happened all on it's own through my server out in 'internet land'.
The one email I really got a kick out of said .. "I've received 4 copies of your newsletter between Saturday and this morning.". Puzzling and scratching my head over this one .. as I never turned my computer on to 'start' typing out a newsletter until 5pm on Sunday afternoon ... and hit the 'final send' at 07:50:26pm Sunday evening!!! Something strange going on with the time/space continuum there I guess! WOW I always thought time travel would be cool, but never thought that one of my newsletters would be the first to successfully do that!

Mom update .. went over to see her for about 15 minutes this morning .. and she's the 'talk of the home' ... everyone is telling her she's just "a ray of sunshine". They assess her today and start PT today .. so it'll be interesting to see 'how long' she remains a happy little ray of sunshine!

Did get my bills paid last night ... took 2 hours to write the checks, and 45 minutes this morning to address and stamp the envelopes. That's that for 'this week' ... next Sunday it all begins anew .. no rest for the independent business owner!

Finishing that Quaker Harmony from My Big Toe tonight .. then have to decide if I'm going to start Erica Michael's "Random Threads" on silk gauze, or maybe one of the monthly stockings from Blackbird designs, Probably the silk .. that won't require my trying to figure out 'how' to sew and finish it!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Writing N Things

My new toy - Kindle II - has arrived!! I ran, well really I drove, over to the shop last night after getting my mother settled in her 'new digs for the time being' at Crestwood Healthcare Center for rehab. More on that later! Diana and LouAnn thought I was there to check up on them OR to help them finish out the day. NAH .. I was stalking the postman!
This is so cool .. I've downloaded two books so far!! J.D.Robb's "Promises In Death" and "Divine Justice" by David Baldacci. Like I can read more than one book at a time .. well, I can actually, but sometimes I get confused but ... ! Then I got word tonight that Amazon has shipped the latest in the Dresden Files series from Jim Butcher ,"Small Favor". Too many books .. not enough time!
The Kindle II is incredibly light .. and it's a dream to read in bed at night while laying on my side. I can hold it easily in one hand with a finger on the 'next page' button and never get tired fingers! And they are right .. there is NO glare when you're reading, even in direct sunlight!!!
I will admit I miss 'turning pages' .. there's something comfortable with a book that you don't get with an electronic device, but I sure do like this thingy!!!

My mother. Yeah .. she fell and broke her pelvis. At 88 years old, she's afraid to stand or try to walk for fear she'll further injure her break (she can't!); she feels that if she waits until the pain goes away, it will be better for her to try walking then (it won't!); she's upset as she never thought she'd be in a position where she needed 'aid' like the "old people" who live at her apt. complex. deep sigh
She went into the hospital on Tuesday evening, was discharged into a rehab center on Saturday morning, and will be examined and begin physical therapy tomorrow, Monday. They 'will' work her and that will be the best thing for her ... so she can get back to her 'normal' lifestyle as quickly as possible. I go from being the bestest, most wonderful divine daughter (aka St. Deb) to "'someone who just doesn't understand what she's going through and isn't worth talking to right now". And since this 'rehab center' is also a nursing home, extended care unit, she's not at all satisfied to be there. (that's putting it lightly)
I'll be fine .. I'll be fine .. I'll be fine .. this too shall pass .. I'll be fine

I'm supposed to be paying bills right now .. so far I've put that off all day long and it's nearly bedtime. But .. the checkbook calls and it's time for tired fingers and envelope paper cuts, so I'll close for now and scribble, type, whatever, more later!