Saturday, April 26, 2014

Another FUN Finishing On-Line Class!

Those of you who took the last Online Finishing Class with Jen Funk Webber will be excited to hear about another Finishing Class coming up May 5th!
It's a class on Hemstitching.

Do you have completed embroideries tucked away in a drawer, waiting to be finished into something that can be displayed? Would you rather not pay hundreds of dollars to have them framed? Are you running out of wall space to display your embroidery? Would you like to finish a piece that can stand alone (think: table runner, placemat, window treatment) or be added to a tote or jacket? Well, we've got just the thing, and you've found it!

ALL the details can be found here:

Best of all, you get a SPECIAL CODE so that you can get 10% off: LOVEMYINDIESHOP You type this code into the coupon code box at checkout ... type it as ALL caps. Four words, ALL smooshed together ... and you'll get the discount.

Sign up now, so that on May 5th, you'll learn the fun and flexibility of hemming fabric edges to create useful and decorative stitched pieces. These pieces can then stand alone (placemats), be creatively framed (float mounted), be stitched or snapped to a tote or jacket or pillow or folder or, or, or...! There's no end to what you can create when your needlework isn't confined in a frame.