Saturday, March 14, 2009

Reading N Writing N Things

Wow .. I'm sorry .. I fully meant to be 'here' well over a week ago! Time just got away from me (appears I need a stronger rope)!
Mom continues to do well .. she proudly has a 'star' on the door to her room .. because "she's the best one" - no complaints about anything. Still being that little 'ray of sunshine' to the staff .. she's honestly though, not that bad to me, but she does have some complaints. And, as soon as she complains, she lightly slaps herself across the mouth .. stop complaining, stop complaining, stop complaining. (sigh)
Dave and I took her GRAND-DOG Nick the Golden over to visit on Thursday. We had to have proof that all vaccines were up to date and show what kind of dog he was first, but no problems there .. they know that furry creatures can help raise spirits and lower blood pressure. (Dave would have differing opinions on the 'lower blood pressure' part with Nick .. let's go out, wait-I want back in, no no let me out, ad nausium.) And Nick is a BIG boy again ... 85# ... on a diet again!!! Too many treats and he's not that happy with us changing HIS treat rules!

I thought I'd show you my two newest 'creations' .. I did both on Wednesday afternoon.
The earth toned one is a bit more flimsy than I wanted, but that's my fault. It's done almost entirely with Merino and doesn't have the strength Corriedale or Romney wool lends to wet felting. (Actually, I wasn't paying attention when I was choosing wool .. who me??) The surface color is a fabulous blend of Merino and Silk .. has a sheen to it!

This artsy-fartsy vessel has deep blues and turquoises and soft purples and seafoam all within the lime and deep green outer. The lime wool was dyed by me too! :)
Getting ready for Camp this coming weekend .. I'll be putting together the goodie bags tomorrow and double checking the items that have been marked for 'auction'. (Auction?? What auction?? Campers .. you'll find out AT Camp what I'm talking about!!!) To the best of my knowledge, I have everything else under control ... oops, forgot ... need to put the Class Door Prizes together yet too. That's actually scary .. deb .. under control. WHAT is wrong with this comment?????
Thursday I'll come into the shop (but will be 'imaginary' and not really there) to put together all the stuffs to take to the hotel for sale in the Boutique. (I have another room that is a miniature Stitches N Things right there at the hotel since the 'real' shop is a half-hour drive away.)
So .. I think .. that's that!

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The Cat Bastet said...

The felted vessels are so pretty!

I'm glad to hear your mom is doing well and that Nick is a good therapy dog.

I can hardly wait for camp!