Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Writing N

It's My Birthday .. and I'll blog if I want to! (oh oh .. now Leslie Gore is trapped in my head)

I'd totally forgotten to tell you. I was showing Debbie my Kindle (when it was still my 'newest of the new' toy) .. how to move around, what it does, how to browse books in the Amazon storefront .. she was holding it while I was instructing. And at that precise second .. the screen displays "CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PURCHASE .. your book is now being downloaded to your device". NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
She looked at me in shock .. I looked at her in disbelief. I wonder if I'll like the book she just made ME pay for?! Very appropriate that the TITLE of the just purchased book was "FOOL" by Christopher Moore. Her for clicking when she should have been clacking .. mine for letting someone play while the 'wireless' was engaged. LOL
I've read bits and pieces of another of his books, "Lamb", that was fall on your face laughing funny, but .. just didn't get into this one. So I deleted it.
On Sunday , I decided to peruse the instructions that came with the Kindle and found out a couple more things:
(1) that as soon as you get the congratulations purchase message, you also get .. at the bottom of the screen .. a message that says "if this was purchased in error, click here". I guess I was just in too much shock to see how easy it was to purchase in error, I didn't see anything else!
(2) that if you delete a book, it goes into an Archive file and is 'saved at Amazon in a file' .. so if in the future, you decide maybe you didn't want to delete it, you can bring it back onto your Kindle device with just a click of a button .. no additional charge.
(3) that you can download music like a MP3 player so that you can have 'background music' playing while you're reading! That sounds really cool .. I wonder what am MP3 Player is and how you get music into it???

Dave is using my Kindle right now .. I'd gotten a book for him to read and he's all caught up on his other reading (we've both read the ENTIRE Harry Dresden Files series up to date!) and was ready for that one. Gave him a crash course on how to use it to 'read' last night .. I'm not even going to show him how to go wireless and browse/purchase!!! I'm relagated to reading a real paper/ink book again right now ... seems weird!

Weather is beautiful .. Sandhill Cranes are back .. see them every morning now. Haven't seen a Robin yet, but the Red Wing Blackbirds are here ... a sure sign of spring! Love it!


Anonymous said...

As simply as possible: An MP3 player is a device that holds music (and now, music videos, just like on MTV or VH1). The music is a file, just like files of paperwork on your computer. These files are song files, not papers. They are stored on your PC just like other files and can be deleted just like other files. Songs are downloaded onto an MP3 player (such as the Apple iPod and the Microsoft Zune) using a music site that has all kinds of music on it. The most popular site is iTunes, which is run by Apple but is for both Apple and Windows.

You connect an MP3 player by using a USB port and then when you're at iTunes or another music site, you buy songs (files) and the download is the same as any other download. Once you download the music onto the MP3, you own the song. You can keep it as long as you want or delete it, but you can't share it with someone else. Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday :)

Anonymous said...

You can also download audio books into your player. I am addicted to audible.com and my iPod is FULL of them. Just got one of the books you recommended a while back. Happy belated birthday and have a great time at Camp!


Anonymous said...

Hi Deb. Thanks for the intro to Jim Butcher's Dresden files..I've read 1-3 and just started 4, plus I have purchased all of the rest of the series, even the newest one! I just LOVE Bob! He's hilarious.

Wendy W.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

The Cat Bastet said...

Belated Happy Birthday!

How cool that your Kindle also plays MP3s. (Now I know why Amazon sells downloadable music files. Duh!) Have you downloaded any music yet?

Anonymous said...

Okay I have to comment on Christopher Moore, I laugh so hard with his books. Have you read his book on Lust Lizard from Melancholy Cove. I thought I would pee in my pants I was laughing so hard. Glad to see some else likes his books. Carla from Indiana

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