Monday, March 23, 2009

Stitches N Things

Camp Stitchalot is officially over .. but a few of us are staying just one more night at the hotel stitching and stuff before we are forced to return to the 'real world'. There will be 3 of us here tonight .. it's restful here!

Are you a lover of 'primitive' stuffs? I sure am. I remember at the needlework Markets (trade shows) when Liberty Hill would have hand-painted limited edition wooden stuffs to coordinate with Hillside Samplings designs available for sale in Leslie's room. You'd find yourself standing in a long line in the hotel aisle way for up to an hour at least .. just trying to get through the door and praying that there would still be some Liberty Hill items left for purchase once you did get in! I have a very few of Carolyn's items in my personal collection .. somehow I seem to let stitcher customers purchase even the ones I was saving for me so they wouldn't have to go without something they really wanted. And there I was .. without the item I really wanted! (That happened with my Swan floor stand too .. I sold mine so someone could have it for their Christmas present .. and then found that Kevin wasn't making any more - ever! Dobi - if you decide you want to swap yours for my Artisan Ergo, just say the word!!!!)

Anyhoo .. I was able to get Liberty Hill's Christmas Box (and one for my best friend too) and now Carolyn has another box that will be coming in April. Dare I bring another one home so soon after the last one? Would Dave notice?? Can I afford to???
Probably not.

Especially since I will be taking another weekend of felting classes with Sharon Costello the middle of April .. I can't wait! Friday will be learning how to do Nuno Felting .. on silk .. for scarves and wraps. Then Saturday and Sunday is a 2-day class doing a Needle Felted Animal! I wonder what it will be? If you're in the area and would like to attend, here's the info: April 18 through 20 – Nuno Scarves and Wraps (one day) $100.00 ; Needle Felted Animals (two days) $200.00 Contact: Lana Socia: 517-404-0794 Raven Oak, Howell MI I'd love to have you join me .. the more the merrier!! It was from Sharon's class last April that I began making my felted vessels and peoples! She is fantastic!

Well, I'm going to close out now and go back to stitching with my buds. It figures .. once all of the stitchers left the hotel, the hotel received their new furniture shipment! Hey Campers .. I'll let you know how the sofa and chairs are! Or you can wait and find out for yourselves at our upcoming "A Stitchalot Weekend" October 16, 17 & 18, 2009!!

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Anonymous said...

As soon as I can find a box to stick it in. :)