Monday, March 2, 2009

Stitches N Things

4 copies of the newsletter! Can you believe it?? I only sent it once .. honest! There have been times where I got antsy (who, patient me??) when I received the message that the server was not responding, would hit submit again (I've since learned NOT to do that! It's in Que to be sent at that time and any further fingering of keys puts it in Que again!)!
I, too, got 2 copies at my one shop email address, 4 through Outlook Express, and 4 at my home email address.
We've been fielding calls and emails from stitchers ALL DAY today about this .. I didn't do it .. really truly! It's something that happened all on it's own through my server out in 'internet land'.
The one email I really got a kick out of said .. "I've received 4 copies of your newsletter between Saturday and this morning.". Puzzling and scratching my head over this one .. as I never turned my computer on to 'start' typing out a newsletter until 5pm on Sunday afternoon ... and hit the 'final send' at 07:50:26pm Sunday evening!!! Something strange going on with the time/space continuum there I guess! WOW I always thought time travel would be cool, but never thought that one of my newsletters would be the first to successfully do that!

Mom update .. went over to see her for about 15 minutes this morning .. and she's the 'talk of the home' ... everyone is telling her she's just "a ray of sunshine". They assess her today and start PT today .. so it'll be interesting to see 'how long' she remains a happy little ray of sunshine!

Did get my bills paid last night ... took 2 hours to write the checks, and 45 minutes this morning to address and stamp the envelopes. That's that for 'this week' ... next Sunday it all begins anew .. no rest for the independent business owner!

Finishing that Quaker Harmony from My Big Toe tonight .. then have to decide if I'm going to start Erica Michael's "Random Threads" on silk gauze, or maybe one of the monthly stockings from Blackbird designs, Probably the silk .. that won't require my trying to figure out 'how' to sew and finish it!!


The Cat Bastet said...

I got four copies of the newsletter but the space-time continuum is intact (the extra copies arrived today, not Sat.).

Glad your mom is a "ray of sunshine"! I hope the positive reinforcement of that helps her to do well.

Kiy said...

Now that you have your K2 handled, it's time to get you to pay your bills online. Stamps? Envelopes? Yuck! :)

Glad your mom is adjusting. I remember going through this with Gram. My mom and her sister were the 'culprits' on getting Gram into the home and she was not happy. Not happy at all!

Good luck, Kiy

Colleen said...

I figured it was a computer problem so i just ignored problem. Glad to hear your mom is doing okay and you got those bills paid! Wanna pay some of mine? giggle

Jean said...

I had to laugh when you said "we'll see how long she is a little ray of sunshine!" Reminds me of my mother when she was in assisted living. She could go from dancing delight to Bealzabub in seconds! The joys of the aged!

Computers have minds of their own. I'm with you - I think hitting the send button over and over will get it there faster!! Doesn't it????

Anonymous said...

Reading your newsletter re: your mom made me think I was reliving events w/my mom 3 years ago, except hers was a hip, not pelvis. Good luck to all of you; I know what you're going through!

Anonymous said...

Sending good thoughts for your Mom. I agree with Kiy, ya need to pay bills online. Cheaper, less headache and it will give you more time to play with the critters or stitch or felt or whatever. ];>

Anonymous said...