Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stitching N Updating

I wanted to share with you my latest, back from the framer, silk gauze 'masterpiece' ... from Blue Ribbon Designs, this is "Americana Panorama" on 40ct.
I chose a 'backing' mat board that was as similar in color as the Woodsmoke fabric Belinda chose for her model, but the ivory gauze lightens it up a bit. The frame is from Eastside Mouldings and is a deep country/brick red.
HAD I KNOWN she was going to be doing a "Winter White Wonderland" panorama (not released yet), I would have waited! I'm such a winter/Christmas junkie when it comes to stitching, and have never owned a single patriotic stitchery ... oh well, I do now .. and I really like it!!
It's on display in the shop now where you can easily 'see' it!
And I just updated my SPECIALS page of my web site with ALL the SPECIALS AND SALES that will be going on during the month of OCTOBER .. in order by date .. go take a look-see! (if you do not see October with the flying witch at the top ... hold down your CTRL key at the same time as you click on the refresh symbol!


BRD Girl said...

It's official...I must plan a trip to Michigan, so I can visit your shop and see this masterpiece. I love it...so much fun to see one of my designs stitched on silk gauze...what a treat!

Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful finish Deb!


j39jones said...

So sorry I couldn't make it to the retreat this month! Really bums me out!! But,going to try my hardest to get up there in March for the weekend!! Will send my info as soon as possible. What is the cutoff date for reservations? Since I'm going on the stitching cruise in January, all my $$ is going to that right now!

But, I do have a question--- when do you sleep Deb? I don't have a job and still can't get as much done as you do!! Of course, mine are usually BAPS!!

Take care and hoping to see you in March!

ps. Why don't you see about arranging a stitching retreat on a cruise ship? Even 4 days would be perfect!!