Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Market & Dieting & Stitching, oh my!

  How did it get to be the last day of summer?  How did it get to be time to leave for another Market?  Sitting here at the shop, wrapping up some stuffs; will be back here sometime tomorrow to get my 'shopping lists' all together for taking to St. Charles with me so I'll know what I absolutely MUST buy for the shop or else never ever come back here again!!  And I have to get my hair cut tomorrow and I have to go over to mom's to do her shopping for her (she's not left her apartment to go outside in over 2 1/2 months!).  Then make sure I have my suitcases down from the attic; make sure there are no left over squirrel nut stashes in them; get my clothes together and pack one suitcase inside another one!  That way I'll be able to bring some stuff home with me on the plane on Monday, even though paying for another piece of luggage, without having to wait for it ALL to arrive via UPS sometime the middle/end of next week.
My BFF Sharon will be driving up to help me out over the weekend, and she'll be bringing empty boxes so I can pack stuff up.  I wonder if I can talk her into bringing a 'bathroom scale' with her?  That way I can make sure my suitcase is under the overcharge limit (not like last year!!!).  I can weigh me on it too!  LOL

 So far have lost 3 1/2 pounds and have to admit I'm not at all hungry on this Medical Weight Loss diet ... er, excuse me ... beginning to my new lifestyle!  The thing I have the most problems with is exercise .. my body was not made for exercise.  "They" say that exercise energizes you ... no even remotely true ... I can work out for an hour and drop right off to sleep!  Exercise puts me into a little panting puddle of limp bones.  Nick has been working out with me twice a day this past week (for the most part, some days only once a day).  We're going for 'fast brisk' walks .. he's loving it!  I give him his head, let him be Alpha and take the lead .. he drags me in his wake tripping and stumbling and gasping for breath.  Funny thing though .. we go about 23 - 40 minutes a walk, and by the time we're a third of the way back home, Nick is ready to heel perfectly!  He's sleeping really well too!   I'll be packing my 4 time a day 'shakes' and 1 time a day 'protein bars' in my suitcase too .. and trying to ignore dessert and eating out and ... oh gwad help me ... wine in the evenings!!!!!!!

   Then the stitching pressures begin.  It's not like I don't have enough to stitch at home, much less here at the shop in my 'box of stash' in the back room.  And there are things I wanted to stitch from Nashville that I don't even remember what they were now!  So I'll be in and out of rooms, seeing charts I must do now or die, and finding fabrics for them, and planning which one I'll do first.  Then I'll get back to the shop, start adding everything to the website and totally, in my panic to get everything done, most likely forget which ones I wanted to do!  Maybe I should make a plan for this year:  actually STICK THE CHARTS ASIDE so I won't forget them!!!!!

  Downloading a couple of books from Audible.com to my Kindle so I can listen to books while traveling on the plane and sitting in airports.  Like stitching where I bring 3 projects for a weekend trip, I've got 3 books downloading right now. Can you say 'over achiever'??  I won't have time while in St. Charles for stitching, reading OR listening to books on tape.  Shopping will take all of my time .. and then some.  That's why I'm so thankful that Sharon is going to meet me there.  I'll give her a credit card and a list or two and send her on her way to places I have to get to first ... while I'm getting to the others I have to get to first (and still, fingers will be crossing that we get there in time for limited edition stuffs that must be purchased!).  She'll get into trouble there too .. she's a huge Primitive Needle fan, and wait till she sees Prairie Moon's crypt club stuffs .. she'll be cussing me out, but with a smile on her face!

   Downloads are nearly done .. then I'll have just enough time to get home, harness up my personal trainer to his leash, and get a bit of a walk in before it's too dark.
Tomorrow is another day!


Anonymous said...

Safe travels, Deb! I'll see you this weekend :)

Sherry :o) said...

have fun deb! Can't wait to see what you bring back!