Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And, Continuing On ...

Great discussion on the copyright/copywrong issue I was concerned with. 
The result?  I'll continue on, in addition to those felting ideas that spring out of my wee little brain, getting inspiration from where I will. 
I've just 'torn out pictures' from a gift type catalog .. and will see if my felting needles can duplicate them in wool.  What kind of pictures you ask .. in case you're wondering IF I'm trying to 'copywrong' .. well, lets see:
(1)  from a picture of an pewter/enamelled gift box featuring a white bunny sitting atop a huge huge carrot
(2)  from a picture of some wooden painted folk art 'fish' - I'm picturing a long funky fish atop a tall wire post.
(3)  from a picture of a pair of tin sculpture wildly painted roosters.
(4)  from a picture of stone sculptured frogs .. in different yoga poses.
(5)  from a picture of glass blown rooster/chicken (pictured here) - I'm thinking of embedding funky fashion yarns in the wool for the 'striped' effect and also for hopefully a very cool texture effect.

I've also got the cross stitch charts "Hip Hop Cat" and "Hip Hop Cow" from Samsarah Design Studio that I've been wanting to stitch AND make the designs into felted sculptures.  I've already told Patti (the designer) about my plans and promised that when I DO needle felt them, she has to see them/I have to bring them to Market with me!

I feel that the above gift catalog pictures I've told you about are 'inspiration' .. not blatant copying.  You get inspiration from everywhere .. and I am taking a flat non-dimensional picture design are recreating it into a 3-D felted sculpture .. it won't be the same, it won't look the same, and cannot be conceived as the same.

Do I have 'original' designs?  Of course I do .. as long as you realize that I also do 'people' and breed specific dogs and birds.  And I also have 'how to felt' books that show you step by step how to do this needle art form .. those images become my own.  You start with an idea, whether imagined or pictured, and make it your own.

What about cross stitch?  I'm stitching too .. currently working on Lizzie Kate's "Christmas Rules", but instead of doing it on the Summer Khaki linen Linda chose .. I'm using "Golden Wattle" from Stitches & Spice.  It's a yellowish mottled opalescent and I'm really liking the colors on it!
Tonight I'll stitch some more ... tomorrow, I'm going to felt something!


The Cat Bastet said...

Wow, that "Golden Wattle" fabric is perfect for the Lizzie Kate design!

I can hardly wait to see the striped chicken in felt. With so many colors and textures to choose from, I know it will be cool.

Glad to hear Patti wants to see your felt work -- that's great publicity for her needlework designs.

Felt and stitch happy!

Michele said...

Deb....what frame do you use when you stitch?

Deb said...

Michelle, I LOVE the Handi-Clamp frames - mainly because all you have to do is position the fabric edge on the scroll rod & then 'snap' the plastic clamp over it to hold it! No pre-work like basting it on. I then clip my Daylight Magnifer on the rod and away I stitch!!

Michelr said...

Gonna go look at them! Thanks Deb!

Donna said...

You go girl. Its not like you are mass producing them and selling them all over the world. You are making a craft. Now if any one took your name DEB FELIT IT i would be concerned. Love your name. And sheep are sheep unless there is something special about them and they are trademarked. Maybe you can cross stitch little blankets for their backs. I was thinking of doing that for some wool birds that I want to make. And yes I have seen that before on drawings. I dont believe that means I cant ever make one myself. Where would we be without McDonalds and Burger King!
Oh my they sell hamburgers. Just a tad different. Inspiration is fine it helps to grow. We would all love to hear "You inspire me"

Kathy said...

Love your stitching. The LK looks fabulous.

I also love your felted man. Wonderful. And I would love to see what you would felt of an Irish setter. :)

NIKY said...

So busy girl, I love your felt man very much.Lot of fantasy and so creative.