Monday, July 11, 2011

The Final in my Halloween Needlin'

This is my graveyard scene ... thanks to those who gave me inspirational ideas!

Standing 7 1/2" high, I've signed the back of a purple bat button from Just Another Button Company and attached it to the gravestone.   Not the best photo, but hey ... you get the idea!
I've emailed the gal who wanted these 6 creations to let her know I was done well ahead of schedule (she was to have given a deposit before I started, but I got enthused!!).  Gave her pictures, dimensions and prices and asked her to let me know IF she wanted them still, IF she wanted something else. IF she changed her mind and didn't want them ... any response was fine with me!   (I'm such a marshmallow!)  If she doesn't want them, or wants some of them and something else done, the 'rejects' will sell at the upcoming Art Fair the end of August.

Now .. to begin work on an Elephant (for someone else) and then I can start on my felting for the show!


The Cat Bastet said...
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The Cat Bastet said...

D'oh! Ignore my request for photos. I somehow missed the previous post.

All of these figures are WONDERFUL

Sandra said...

Hi Deb,
These are absolutely fabulous. I cannot believe you are doing such wonderful work for the price you mentioned. You are very talented Deb.
Many Happy Stitches,
Homespun Elegance

Anonymous said...

And all 6 have now been sold - they're going to live in Texas!!