Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dec. 30, 2008 - SNT

The year is winding down and that means we'll be doing Inventory at the end of this week! Some welcome in the New Year with horns and whistles and confetti ... SNT welcomes in the New Year with yellow lined legal pads, pens and calculators! Since we're in such a smaller location, Inventory becomes 'interestering'!
At the old location, when we were in Davison, we'd have our stitching friends/customers come in and help us do all the counting .. and would end up with about 20 or so people in the shop.
In our Fenton location, we couldn't fit 20 people in the shop all at one time if we tried. Well, wait .. I lie. We COULD fit 20 in the shop quite easily .. as long as no one wanted to move from the place they were standing in! So .. Debbie, LouAnn, and I .. along with Diana and Kathy and a couple of stitching friends/customers will be doing the counting again this year. We expect it will take Friday and Saturday but we should have Sunday off for our 'day of rest'. We actually do have some fun .. I think our friends have more fun than we do (for sure!). I mean, we have to count every single 'button', charm, needle, chart, fabric .. everything! And then after all has been recorded, we have to 'tally up' the cost (that's the part I hate the actual seeing on paper just how much I have inside those four walls!!). I think margaritas at Sagebrush may play a part in Inventory this year! The part of owning a business that I absolutely HATE with a passion .. not the margaritas, the counting and realization!


j39jones said...

You can do it!! If I were there, I would be more than happy to help, just for the margaritas! That would be payment enough for me!

Kiy said...

Funny enough, though I have no desire to ever again live in Michigan (sorry, but you have SNOW!) ... every year I wish I was there. This is a project that I could so sink my teeth into. I love this kind of thing! Odd, yes I know. One of my dream jobs (if there ever was such a thing) would be to go to work for a stitching shop and just kit stuff. Pull the chart, cut the fabric, pull the fibers, buttons, etc. What fun that would be. I have to one of the odder folks out there.

Oh, and you had me at Margaritas! :)

Cheers, hope it went well, Kiy