Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stitches N SUN

ohmigwad .. I'm in heaven!! Total, utter heaven! It's in the mid-70's, bright blue sky, soft gentle breeze and it's -7 at home!
Now THIS is what San Diego was expected to be like ... not the SD of two years ago when it never got above 43degrees the entire week I was here! I'm blown away, totally, utterly "knock your socks off so that your white white legs are clashing horribly with your pale khaki Capri pants" blown away!
No one else that I know is here yet as I got in earlier than I should have arrived (and I'm so incredibly happy now that I did). Yesterday I got up at 3am to make my flight, got in California at 10am, was actually able to check into my room then, walked around the Gaslight district, took a nap, went out for another walk and had dinner alone at a neat restaurant on the pier (very unlike me - I'm rather uncomfortable in strange surroundings by myself ,unfortunately) and made the mistake of having a wonderful Margarita before dinner. Mistake? Apparently tequila and jet lag do NOT go well together and I found myself quite a very bit tipsy after the second or third SIP!! Met the bartender who is a 'Detroit native' and found out that he lived two houses away from where I worked every summer up in Cheboygan at the Hackmatack Inn! Such a small world - he called his mom right then and there to see if she knew my family! LOL
I staggered rather elegantly back to my room on the 29th floor overlooking San Diego Bay and the harbor marina. It's now 5:30pm. I was too "tired" to even pick up a needle so watched a bit of TV, reading at the same time, until I couldn't stand it anymore .. it was now 7:30pm and .. went to sleep!
Woke up after 13 hours (WOW that felt terrific!!!), went down to find caffeine, took about a 5-mile stroll around the harbor, around the bay, on these neat little outlet park walkways, got a smoothie, came back to the room and now will take my stitching down to the poolside, where I plan to laze back in a chaise lounge, under a cabana, with another cool drink and .. stitch!!! Not sure what time Theresa (Homestead Needlearts) is flying in - she'll be my roomie, but I found some super looking places for dinner during my stroll this morning. I 'should' be able to handle my liquor better tonight (lightweight that I am!)!
I just wish I would have brought my camera with me .. it never occurred to me, I guess because my last trip here wasn't "HEAVENLY weather" like this trip is. I've taken a couple pictures with my phone, but haven't the slightest idea HOW to get the pictures off my phone and into an email. (sigh .. Debbie .. where are you when I need you!!!)
I was also rather disappointed to find that the coolest little boutique found on my last trip here .. Splash .. is no longer in existence. My Sister In Law had given me a Gift Card for Christmas and I planned on using it there. Good thing I left that GC at home. (deeper sigh)
No meetings until tomorrow morning at 8:30am; then my first class (the spinning without bike class) will be at 8am Friday morning .. then let the shopping begin that evening at the Sample It!!


Anonymous said...

Well it colder than a witches... here in Indiana. Not any better in MI.

Hope you have a ton of fun at the show!! Bring back lots of good stuff.

The Cat Bastet said...

There's ice on the inside of the windows here in Michigan and we are all jealous of you!

What a beautiful hotel!

Have fun. I'm looking forward to hearing about your classes and shopping!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time and enjoy yourself! Find goodies for all of us.

Jane in WV

Wendy said...

Have a blast, Deb! I love San Diego!!

For your phone.. when you pull up the picture there should be something that says "Options", or something like that. One of the options on the list should be "send". It defaults to sending to a phone number, but your phone should also have a way of changing the numbers to letters. If you can figure that out, you can send the picture to an email address. If you send it to yourself, you can then take that picture and save it on your computer which will then allow you to put it in your blog.

Egads.. stream of conciousness. It's easier than that may sound. I can help you with that sometime. =)