Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sales N Things

Getting ready for the next Market coming up .. my gosh, I just got back from San Diego and will be leaving Feb.5th for the Nashville Cash & Carry Market. I'll bet that some of the stuff I ordered at the Winter Market will not even be in the shop yet when I'm buying new at this next one! Since this is a Cash & Carry Market, that means we have to attend with money in our pockets and checking accounts and credit cards so that we can purchase all the neat new stuffs to bring back WITH us! Dave goes to this show with me .. kind of a mini-vacation, hopefully to warmer weather for him. This is where he can sit in the room, eating room service and watching TV/reading books until I call him on his cell to come find me at such & such floor in that hotel so he can 'Sherpa' my shopping bags back to the room for me, freeing me up for even more purchasing! He enjoys it .. even gets to do some shopping FOR me, as long as he has a specific written out list of what to get, what amounts, and where to get it! LOL
Cross Stitch shops are pretty 'unique' in this type of market. That's why you'll hear about us shops having "Superbowl sales" just prior to going to the show .. to give us the added funds to purchase for you. Oops .. that's right .. we are NOT supposed to use that 'S___ Sale' term anymore ... trademarked and all that. So ... Stitches N Things will be having our "HUGE ANNUAL IN HONOR OF THE BIG FOOTBALL GAME THAT DEB HAD TO GOOGLE TO FIND OUT WHO WAS PLAYING" SALE on Saturday January 31, 2009 beginning at 12:01am EST till 6:00pm EST Sunday February 1, 2009 ONLY - with 20% OFF Everything Store Wide and the chance for you to choose either the STEELERS or the CARDINALS and if your team wins .. you win too with Free Shipping on that order!!!
And yes, I really did have to Google to find out WHO was playing .. I don't have a clue about that kind of stuff! When I first purchased the shop 16 years ago and found out about holding this tyoe of sale, I thought .. in my wee little brain .. how cool is this?!! I can run a sale, and when I get home, the game will be over and I will have been able to miss all the hoopla. NO ONE TOLD ME that the game is on IN the EVENING!!! (deep sigh) So I'd come home exhausted and still have to try to find 'something' on TV to watch.
I eventually had to have the sale run two days .. Saturday AND Sunday .. as we'd have too many people trying to get into the shop on just the 'game day'. Now, the tradition I started with that continues, and probably a good thing as once again I'm in a smaller location. But more so in that NOW, the SHOP itself is only open on Saturday from 10 till 5pm, but due to the wonders of the computer screen in front of you, you can go online at midnight and start shopping, continue after the shop hours have ended AND still be able to shop and save all day on Sunday until 6pm EASTERN TIME ZONE ... that's so you can enter your team to win and the game will not have ended yet in "your time zone" so it's fair for everyone to have a chance at the free shipping offer.
Now .. speaking of who is playing .... Arizona Cardinals? Don't flame me, but I've never heard of this team before. Steelers, yes .. but the only Cardinals I knew about was a BASEBALL team. And if both Cardinal Teams were once based IN St. Louis, how did you know which game you were attending? What if you wanted football and saw everyone enter the field without helmets? Hey now .. THAT would be A Super Game .... football vs baseball. Would the 'ball' be a batted football, or would it be a kicked baseball? Sport against Sport .. I'd be all for watching That One!!!!
Oh well, Nashville is coming soon and I have to be prepared to spend money .. hence the Big Sale coming up this weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey we could confuse you even more.... the Arizona Cardinals who used to be the St. Louis Cardinals? Were originally the CHICAGO Cardinals! That was back when the Chicago Bears were the Decatur Staleys.

Kiy said...

Oh, I laughed and laughed. Boy do I get you on the whole 'game at night thing'. Thank goodness for dvr's! :) Hope you had fun in CA!

Chees, Kiy

The Cat Bastet said...

I usually watch the big game for the commercials -- they are far more interesting and there's lots of stitching time between commercials. :)

j39jones said...

I also didn't know about the Arizona Cardinals, so no need to feel bad. I think it's just another way to show our age, that we automatically think St Louis Cardinals!! LOL

On another note, I certainly hope you noticed 2 of my stitched pieces at the Nashville Market this year! I was so honored to be asked to donate a couple of my Passione Ricamo pieces to be displayed at the ECC booth this year!