Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Working N Stitches N Things

Wow .. I'm sorry! I can't believe it's been so long since I last wrote here! Time is just going too fast, way too fast!
Market is over .. and it was GRAND! The attendees - both shops and exhibitors - were down from this past year, but with this economy that wasn't much of a surprise. I'm so glad I went (how could I not go???!!!!!) and am very pleased with what I purchased and brought back with me. The van wasn't as full, but I still spent 'thousands' , and the shop is 'newly crammed' with goodies again!!! What fun!
But .. with the San Diego Market and Nashville falling only 10 days apart, I worked myself in quite the little lather. When I left the shop this past Saturday night, I was looking forward to having a 'day off' and what I was going to do on that day off! That didn't happen!
Went to bed Saturday night and slept for 12 1/4 hours STRAIGHT! Got up, ate some cereal and drank a couple of mugs of coffee, then into the bathroom to start my day. Put face moisturizer on and as I was walking into the bedroom to get into my jeans, realized that I hadn't realized before that my moisturizer had 'pumice' like beads in it. Drat .. I just smoothed cleansing lotion all over my face. Back to the bathroom, washed my face and decided the hell with it. Went back to bed.
Slept for a hour and a half. Got up (again), this time actually PUT the moisturizer on and got dressed. Too tired to move still ... jaw cracking yawns going on here. After ripping the same 1/2 inch section on my cross stitch out for the 5th time, put that project aside. Maybe I'll read. Nope .. too tired to read .. those pages are feeling quite 'heavy'.
Just lazed in the chair, petted the cats, and tried for the Guinness book of how big a yawn I could produce. Went to bed just before 9pm on Sunday night and Dave had to 'turn the dog loose on me on the bed' at 7:30am Monday morning as I just wouldn't wake up on my own!
At least I wasn't yawning anymore!!

Monday .. all alone in the shop. LouAnn has day off to do something fun with her kids home from school .. Debbie is sick, thinks it may be pneumonia. And I had a full 'walk in day' with customers coming in all day long! And that's fun too ... I love working with stitchers who are happy about being where they are in a stitch shop! It wasn't until after 3pm that I could start processing the Internet orders that were streaming in. (did I mention I was pleased with all the goodies I brought back from Market? .. apparently my stitching customers are pleased too!!)
Worked till 6pm Monday night ... then home to do bills. Worked till 7:30pm last night trying to get all my ordering done. LouAnn and I 'may' ... keyword here is MAY ... get caught up somewhat today! whooohoooo
I'd better get back to work then, huh?

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The Cat Bastet said...

Glad you are caught up on your sleep -- and that you found so much cool stuff at market!