Friday, February 20, 2009

Reading N Things

On the 'reading' part .....
OK .. I'm intrigued. The Kindle II is out! That automatic book computer thingy. Anyone have one? Tried it? I was sitting next to someone in the airport on one of my trips who had the original Kindle, and she gave me a 'tour'. She loved hers. Then I read comments on Amazon about it and most say to save your money and wait for the next version to come out, as they've been testing it and it has great improvements.
I want one .. or rather, I think I want one (technological challenged though I may be). But .. reading is such a tactile thing, much like stitching, to me .. the feel of a book in my hands, turning pages and hunkering down in a cozy chair for the day. Not to mention reading in bed at night, laying on my side, waiting to get tired enough to put the book down, turn off the light, and go to sleep.
Will I feel the same way about reading with a magical little 'book thingy computer' in my hands??
Then there's the option of downloading instantly new books .. I won't have to WAIT for the hardcover to be published in paperback (as this is my preferred choice of read in bed) .. I'll be able to satisfy my impatience immediately!
Not that I afford one right now, though I do have a $50.00 Gift Card that's burning a hole through my favorite Laurel Burch leather purse (and that would be a shame). What to do?

On the 'things' part .....
Can't people read? On each page of my website where there is ordering info I have posted .. in a highlighted/colored box .. information about my catalog shipping charges that will be quoted on their order when placed.
I just got ANOTHER email from someone, this time cancelling her order, as she was able to find cheaper shipping elsewhere. LOL -- not laughing about the cancelled order, but that's OK, but laughing just the same .. we charge USPS postal rate charges .. I don't know how much clearer I can make it!
When my shopping cart system was purchased, there was NOT an option for quoting actual shipping costs. Since then, the system has been updated so that I can. BUT .. in order to do that, I would have to weigh each and every item IN packaging (as that also determins postal weight), then go into the catalog and edit each and every item to show that item's postal weight. THEN it would hat the probibility of showing what the actual shipping charges would be. With around 15,000 items in my catalog .. that would take me YEARS to do! So that's not going to happen!
But .. it's the same when we hang CLOSED FOR INVENTORY signs all over the windows and doors, and then have people hammering on the door to be let in (or in the case of one person, flipping us off).
That's that for today .. back to work!!!


Kiy said...

Hey Deb,

I don't have a Kindle, but I do have a Palm (Tungsten E2). I can buy books just like for the Kindle and read them, but also do so much more! In fact, I have my entire list of all stitching threads, stash fabric and many of my charts on there. I have on-going projects, and projects that still need items (floss, charms, etc). I have carried it when I was in your store but you probably didn't realize it at the time.

I like the fact that I can use the Palm for so much more and with your travel schedule I would think that would be more useful than just a reader (Kindle).

When we went to China I was able to bring eight books for me and hubby loaded quite a few on there also. In one little hand-held device. It's not as wonderful as holding an actual book but ... I didn't have to worry about having to pack all those books nor running out of reading material (shudder). Quite a space saver!

Yell if you want more details.

Cheers, Kiy

Irene said...

I have the sony e-book reader and love it. I do go to the book store to get my feel of the "real" books.

Deb said...

oh oh ... you two are going to get me in trouble!!! Wait .. I have a birthday coming up!!!! There's the ticket - I'll be able to give a gift idea and say that checks and cold hard cash will work perfectly !!!!!!!!

The Cat Bastet said...

I don't have a Kindle but I want one! I thought the original version was cool, but the Kindle 2 looks even better.

I like the idea that you can download books any time, anywhere and that you can use it for other things too (newspapers, magazines, blogs, audiobooks,etc.). Every review I've read mentions how crisp and page-like the screen looks and how readers quickly forget that the book is electronic not paper. Sounds like the perfect gadget for someone who travels a lot!

j39jones said...

I agree with Kiy, you need a Palm or some kind of PDA that will hold info along with reading material. I had one when they first came out (showing my age here! LOL) and loved it, but since becoming disabled and unable to work, had no need of it anymore, so gave it to my mom, who is still using it!

With your travel schedule, buying, selling, stocking, enabling, you should have something that will do more than just download books! Think how easy it will be to upload things from markets if you have a PDA!!
You can even post to your blog!


Anonymous said...


If you get the Sony Reader, you can use it for the following. There are a lot of libraries that are using something called NetLibrary. It is a database that has audiobooks and ebooks for the Sony. It doesn't cost a thing and it's just like getting a book from the library. The only down side to it, it is not compatible with iPods. You need another kind (got one for $15).

Something to think about.

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to get a Kindle ! Can't wait to hear how you like it.

May I say I TRULY appreciate that you only charge USPS postal charges? I recently ordered from somewhere else (SORRY!) and they charged me $7.25 when the postage label clearly said $1.00.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...