Monday, June 22, 2009

... N Dying

I'll start with the 'dying'. At the Summer TNNA Market, I took a class 'just for me' ... nothing for the shop, just for me! What a treat! It was 'How To Dye Yarn'. Now, I don't knit nor do I have any plans to, but I contacted the instructor prior to signing up for the class to see if this technique would also relate to wool batt .. for felting. When I was told it was the same principal,
I had to take it!

We started with the undyed yarn as shown above, and then this is how 'mine' turned out!
There's something 'weird' that knitters do ... they purchase a completely knitted 'blank' ... looks like a hand-dyed scarf ... and then they pull it apart into yarn again and knit something else out of it! The first two pictures are of a 'blank' blank in the process of being dyed to the 'student's own' design.

I had already decided that MINE would stay a scarf .. so Diana is going to finish off the long edges so that they will not come apart! The colors look really 'blue' here ... it's a pumpkin yellow, teal blue and a deep teal green.

It was a really fun class! We were warned to bring an apron or smock of some type so that we would not get dye on our clothing. I realized the night before the class that I had the tee-shirt I was going to wear over my clothing at home! Luckily, the hotel 'loaned' me a 30-gallon trash bag! (they didn't want it back though .. so perhaps they really gave it to me!)

Since I was wearing a black skirt that day for the trade show, I think I looked quite fashionable! So fashionable that the gal behind me who also forgot a smock really thought I had a great idea. So we shared it .... just tore it down the center and made two halves ... add a neck hole and arm holes .. and ta da! Two Dyers = Dye Proof!!!

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