Monday, June 22, 2009

Stitching N ...

I'd just finished this one up last evening. From By The Bay Needlework, this is Donna's "Autumn Cove" stitched on 40ct Silk Gauze using the same fibers she called for. I've not mounted it yet - obviously - but did include a quarter so you could see the size of the finished needlework. There is a mat board that is a blue-marble .. that's what I'm going to use directly behind the stitchery as the mounting board. Will look like a blue cloudy day that way!
I've not yet had time to lay frames and/or mounting boards on it yet ... so I'm not sure if it will have several autumnal shaded mats with the frame, or just a large striking frame to set it off! I'm really pleased with this one .. the colors are incredible and it is easily the most lovely gauze piece I've done. (as of today, that is )

In order to do the 'rigging' on the sailboat, I had to get some fine sewing machine thread .... floss was just 'too thick' for the size of the design on the gauze!!!

Now .. what shall I stitch next??? Or felt?? Or, maybe needle punch? There's a new designer that was featured at the TNNA Market at Norden Crafts' booth that I just fell in love with and would love to punch up just for the FUN of it all! The designer is called Piccalilli Too and below you will see "Strutting Out" and "The Sheriff".

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Marie said...

Your over one stitching is amazing!!!