Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Had The BEST Day!!

Went antiquing .. all by myself .. and had the absolutely best time!
I started out at Yesterday's Treasures right here in Fenton (I had some extra time before I had to be at Mom's to take her grocery shopping).  I'd not been in there in 'ages' and ... it was such a treat.  I'll tell ya, if you're looking for vintage jewelry for wearing or for making into other items, THIS is the place!!  Drawers and cabinets full!  I was paying more attention to ceramics but there was this antique beaded and stitched bag that was calling my name .. I forced myself to ignore it!   (fingers in ears lalalalala I can't hear you)

Then over to mom's ... did a quick run through with her at the Goodwill store, she wanted to see what that was all about .. then groceries .. then back to her apartment.  Chatted for awhile and I was on my way.

Decided it was such an beautiful sunny day that I didn't want to go home yet.  So pointed my VUE-hicle towards Holly and the Holly Water Tower Antiques Mall.  That place is a gem!  You can get lost in there .. and I spent several hours browsing through the ceramics again.  The owner eventually stated 'following me around' as she began to see that everytime she saw me, I had my hands full of tiny toothpick holders, salt cellars, and egg cups.  She rescued them from me (or rather, potentially rescued me from myself) and took them up front to wrap up while I wandered some more. I'd not been in there in ages either.  (The last time I purchased a McCoy Dog Cookie Jar for my BFF Sharon as a Christmas present.  The exact same McCoy Dog Cookie Jar I'd already given her TWO other times!! I am now forbidden to buy cookie jars for her collection ... it was REALLY Cute .. HONEST!!!)
I figured eventually that I'd done enough damage to my bank account and decided to get a pizza and go home.  There are other antique stores in Holly, but .. I'd had MY day!

I've been happily felting pincushions since late this afternoon and only managed to drive a needle through my finger once.  Well, not exactly THROUGH, but really gave it a jab.  Funny thing .. this was the first time I've ever had a finger go 'numb' from a felting incident.  After about 15 minutes, I had feeling back AND the beginnings of an incredible bruise!
I must be taking after Padme!

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