Saturday, March 13, 2010


I've got a full load at home tomorrow!
(1) Do online banking against my checkbook and then write bills -- that should take care of an easy 2-3 hours.
(2) Do the finishing needed on Just Nan's "Needle Tweet" .. stitching is done, but the rest is cutting out and ironing on and stuff that's basically like 'Latin' to me! Maybe 2 hours?????
(3) Re-Do a felted scarf. I did one on Thursday and I knew when I was doing it that it was way too thin and needed more wool, but did I stop and take care of that? Noooooooooooo! So, when it was felted and finished, it was like gauze and has holes. So .. maybe 3 hours total with layout patching and then the felting.
(4) Finish the stuffing of the Camp goodie bags .. have 3 more items to put in and all is now here, so that can be done and crossed off my list. Probably an easy half hour.

Been laughing about the $100-million lawsuit Lindsay Lohan filed against E-Trade for their 'milkaholic Lindsay' baby commercial. She says it's based on her; that you can look at the baby and see the marked resemblance to her; that HER NAME is the same as Oprah or Madonna ... all you need to do is say "Lindsay" and the world knows who you're speaking about.
I don't know about you, but when I hear "Lindsay", I immediately think of my niece Lindsay Koch. Actually, unless you put Lindsay together with Lohan I would have no idea who you were talking about, nor could I pick her out of a lineup! Me thinks she needs to go back into rehab so the press can have something to say about her .. some people! And then she says, if the commercial wasn't meant to be 'all about her', why didn't they use the name "Susan"? sheesh, then someone Susan would have to sue???
My people are going to follow Lindsay around for awhile ... she had better not use the name "Deb" or "Stitches N Things" or there will be a lawsuit to put her $100 mill to shame!! LOL

I almost did have a lawsuit once...quite a while ago. Another cross stitch shop used "my shop name" in print instead of using their own. The ad read ..... in smaller print we have new and then in very LARGE print Stitches N Things and again in smaller print in the stock. The Stitches N Things was the only large print and their shop name was no where in the ad, just their address and phone number.
I had a call from a customer who had just seen their ad (in a newspaper that is state-wide) and called to congratulate me on 'branching out' and opening a new store site!
I went up about 13 feet in the air and came down dialing my atty's number. She was served with a cease & desist, the paper she was advertising in refused to run any more print jobs for her, and I spent the next 3 days hitting the court offices of every county surrounding my county and the state of Michigan offices filing DBA's so this couldn't happen again in the future.
What got to me the most about that? Not her advertising that she was 'me' but that she had come to me for advice and information on starting her own business and I gave her all the help I could. What a pay back! Oh .. she's no longer in business.

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Robin said...

Deb, you sound so organized. Did you accomplish all of your plans? Can't wait to see what's on the inside of one of Just Nan's Needle Tweets. Hope you show your finish here.

I agree, the Lindsay lawsuit seems like a ploy for attention to me. Must be she's having trouble getting her career back on track.