Saturday, May 1, 2010

Felting and Banging Head Against Computer Screen

Computer down .. main computer of course - the one all our emails are accessed from - and we can't get on line.  This has been all day and still the problem continues.  Wish I was a better computer geek, but so far .. have done everything I can think of.  Oh well.  There's always Monday!

Did some felting this past week ... waiting for Dave to cut down this huge dead tree limb so he can then cut 'disks' about 1 1/2" thick for me to 'mount my birdies' on.  Been asking him for 3 days now ... did you cut my wood for me yet?  sigh  I'd do it myself, but somehow the idea of 'me' with a chain saw in hand ... well, we'll just say the visual of that would involve probably self-dismemberment.  Maybe tonight they'll be waiting for me when I get home for glue and acorn embellishing?

Not sure how long leggedy they'll be when they're mounted, but the legs will still be long!

I've added the rest to my Etsy store ... bunny, frog, and goose girl. 
The man - Ivan - needs a bit more work still needs a bit more work.
His legs were too skinny so I gave him baggy pants.  Now his feet look too dainty, so he needs to go 'shoe shopping' for bigger boots. And of course, the armature I used wasn't the kind I normally use for 'free standing' sculptures, so he's a bit wobbley.  Perhaps a fence support or something?  His jacket is absolutely marvelous ... thick and soft .. alpaca wool ... so it looks LIKE a fur coat!
More later!

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aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

I love the Birds !!! Great idea for them.. By the way, Did Dave ever catch that squirrel??? lol