Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm still here .. really I am ..!

   Wow .. sorry for my absence!  I didn't realize that time had gotten that far away from me!
   My debut as a felting artist at the Flint Institute Of Arts First Frost show was a success!  I had a LOT of traffic to my booth, some came back the second day with friends that were not with them the first day!  And I am very pleased with the sales .. went in with no real expectations so I couldn't be disappointed, but .. sales were great (best on Saturday, low on Sunday)!  I also had many of the participating artists tell me that I needed to submit to other shows and gave me ideas of those where my items should be very well received.  That was cool too!               CLICK ON THE PICS TO SEE THE FULL PICTURE
   My booth space location was super .. I was the second space in the second room as people would come in.  And, the lighting was fantastic .. I didn't need any additional lighting as did some of the other areas.

   The 'hits' of my show seemed to be my 'bug-eyed animals (they're new and not on my Etsy shop site yet .. giraffe, purple pony and owl sold right away!) and my little trolls.  The backyard bird ornaments went over well, as did several of my vessels, and of course, my long-legged sheepsies (was told they resembled Shaun the Sheep!) and dogs!
   Had a GREAT interest in my teaching classes .. so I have a list of names to contact as soon as I can get a location and a date.  Also had 3 different people ask me if I would do custom animals for them .. they'll be sending me/bringing in photos for me to work from.
   I'll be working, after the holidays of course, on making wet-felted bags and totes, and scarves for the next years' show.


Julie Savard said...

Congrats on the great showing & sales!

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

So glad your booth was a hit !!! I love those felted bird ornaments!

Sherry :o) said...

knew you could do it! Your boot looks fantastic. I was so sorry to miss camp and was seriously bummed.

Sherry :o) said...

I thought I hadn't seen these when I was in the shop yesterday - in catching up this a.m. - I commented...sometimes that short term memory really doesn't work correctly!

Looks great! Glad it was successful and you had fun!

Deb said...

What absolutely darling work you do! I'm not at all surprised it was a hit at Market!
And so prolific! I know how hard it is to get such artwork designed and created for shows...displays created or found and planned...everything schlepped. I think you're amazing and I love your work. Please come visit my book blogs...and see my jewelry on my talisbijoux dot com blog. I'd love your comments/input. Thanks...Deb