Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And so the year goes ...

... November 30th.  Tomorrow is the first day of December and it seems like it was just a week ago (at the most!) that it was the first day of November.  Everything is speeding by.

I have finished my stitching mini project and it's off to be framed now.

"Home In The Winter" from Erica Michaels designs on 40ct silk gauze.  The only thing I don't like about it is the 'numbers' beneath the alphabet ... I used the same colors as the designer, but obviously a different dye lot, as hers could be seen and mine look like 'dark clouds'.  LOL
When her "Home In The Autumn" came out, I really liked it, but didn't pick it up.  Now that I've done this one, I'll have to do that one .. and probably this one again (since this is a Christmas gift) and the rest of the seasons too.
  deep sigh
Never ending stash pile grows and grows!

 Thinking of putting up the Christmas tree tomorrow on my day off.  I'd love a 'real' tree but money is tight and I just can't see spending for something that would only be up for just  over a month.  I like my little 'stick it in the corner' tall skinny artificial tree, but .. there's just something so soothing with a real tree decorated with lights and vintage ornaments.
   I will admit .. I did give a day or two worth of thinking about *IF* I was going to put a tree up this year.  It seems such a bother (in a way) to decorate the house for just Dave and I .. as no one, family or friends, comes to our home.  BUT I didn't decorate at all one year .. and it really made the season hard for me mentally.  I'll do my tree, with Jingle Bells on all the lowest branches as kind of an "early warning cat is up to something" deterrent.  And I'll put my antique nativity scene atop the entertainment unit where I can see it every night .. that set must be at least 70 years old now .. my aunt made it in ceramics for my grandmother a long long long time ago!  And there will be a bit of Christmas in my house .. as well as in my heart.
   Trying to get out of Dave what he'd like for a gift. He's not been forthcoming with ideas.  We need to do so much work around the house, and now our oven has died so we'll need a new one ... drat it all, it's a built-in oven too!  I even suggested that we don't give presents to each other this year, but rather get a 'new oven' or 'new porch' for us instead.  We'll see.  It's always something going on!

     Still losing weight ... lost  2 1/4 pounds in the last two weeks.  And, have been trying on a pair of pants every other week, and today ... ta da!  ... they fit perfectly!!!  
    My WiiFit and I are becoming fast friends! I'm actually liking 'running/jogging' in place ... last Sunday morning I made it to 2 miles in 10 minutes!!   Nick has been bumming since I've not been taking him out for his runs.  I'm trying to teach him how to 'run in place' with me (on the carpet in the bedroom), but he just doesn't seem to 'get it'!!


Donna said...

what a beautiful piece stitched over one. And you are doing good on the Wii and the weight loss.
You should be proud. Glad to see that DebFeltIt is going good.

Sherry :o) said...

Love your stitched piece -so tiny!

Good for you on the # lost - I forgot to tell you when I saw you a week or so ago that you are looking great! Keep up the hard/good work!