Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Decorating ..

.. well, my tree is up and decorated!
     It's my tall skinny artificial alpine tree of years past, but I decorated it a bit differently this year.  Used Dave's mother's Teal Green glass ornaments, my vintage metal icicles and a few of Dave's grandmother's glass blown ornaments, and ... all of the hand-made ornaments I've either made or received over the years.  
     Some are made of felt applique, one is knitted over a glass bulb, a couple are wood and painted to commemorate our first Christmas together, or first Christmas in our home, two are Hardanger, and the rest are all cross stitched (all of the ones I'd made for my mom & dad are part of this collection too)!  My camera, of course, is at the shop .. so IF I remember to bring it home with me tomorrow, I'll take and post pictures here so you can see my Antique & Needlework Tree.
    And, when you see my pics and IF you don't happen to see an ornament you may have stitched for me ... well, it's probably because it was one that our renegade squirrel (squirrels) made off with and/or destroyed!  deep sigh   
   I also put my ceramic nativity up and a couple of accent pieces here and there, but think I'm going to 'stop' decorating with those.  I hate to decorate entirely and then have to put everything away again in just over a month.  So, I guess my stitched Christmas framed pieces are going to stay in storage, as well as a bunch of other stuffs for this holiday season.   Besides, as Dave says, I have the house covered with my Santa collection on shelves and completely in one huge curio cabinet and it already kind of looks like Christmas year round here.  LOL
     Killer headache today ... love weather changes, not!  So, am going to call mom and see if I can 'skip out of' doing her grocery shopping today ... if she has enough to get her through till Sunday, that is.  Then will do some felting in the comfort of my cozy chair parked right here by the comfy wood stove heat!  (with this headache, I don't even want to think about trying to 'focus' on linen and a chart for stitching today!)


The Cat Bastet said...

Your decorations (and your Santa collection) sound lovely. I hope your headache goes away soon!

Angela S. said...

I thought I was the only one who got killer headaches with the weather changes, so sorry I feel your pain! I think every year I decorate a little less BUT I always get my handmade ornaments out too!

Sherry :o) said...

Hope you are feeling better. I would have told people their ornament was on the other side of the tree - LOL

Handmade and special ornaments are some of my favorite things of Christmas - remembering the person who made/gave it!

Phyllis said...

You sound so much like me. It's just dh and me at home and no one comes in our house during the holidays except our single daughter who is grown and has a home of her own. Dh got out the tree and is putting the lights on, so at least we'll have the tree to look at. I love to see all the ornaments I've made and that friends have given to me.

Robin said...

You are such a busy lady, no wonder you have a headache! LOL! Seriously, hope you are feeling better today. Your tree sounds beautiful!