Saturday, December 11, 2010

.. singing .. "I'll NEVER Stitch Again" .....

well, probably I'll stitch again, probably tonight, but .... the way I'm feeling right now I could happily throw out my Q-Snaps into tonight's coming snowstorm!
I have no one to blame but for me (drat it all anyway).  There were some typos on the chart directions, but rather than triple and quadruple check, I only calculated and calculated yet again .. and instead of driving the whole 5 minutes from my house to the shop to really make sure, I picked up needle, threaded it and happily began!

Starting Hinzeit's "Charmed Shuttles" and the "Believe" design (which I've been absolutely in love with ever since seeing it stitched up in person at St.Charles Market - LOVE LOVE that shuttle frame!).
Got the fabric .. 28ct Summer Khaki Cashel .. got the DMC flosses .. put fabric in lap Q-Stand after measuring down 3" and in 3" so I'd have adequate margins.  Then, picked up chart to begin.
Wait a minute!  The design says "stitched on 28ct Aida: Summer Khaki over 1 thread using 2 ply thread."  Ok .. sitting back, 2 ply on 28ct over 1 thread is going to be waaay too thick to my way of thinking.  The pattern says 28ct Aida.  I'll bet that it was copied from another word program and instead of saying 14ct Aida, 2 ply over 1 really means 28ct Linen, 2 ply over 2.
Maybe I should calculate this out .. so I took the stitch count of 18h x 153w and divided it by 14 (if stitching over 2) and also divided it by 28 (if stitching over 1).  Man, the 28ct over 1 dimensions look way too short for that frame.  I think the 28ct over 2 looks more like it ... trying to picture the frame (which is in stock in the shop!) in my mind.  Pondered, pondered, pondered .. wasting stitching time trying to figure this out. 
So .. rather than get in the car and drive to the shop and measure the dratted shuttle frame opening, I begin stitching.  And this is looking really cool!  Finished it up last night and brought it into the shop today to frame.

Got the Shuttle Frame.  My stitchery is TOO big for the opening in the frame! 

But still, when you calculate the 28ct over 1 size, it comes out measuring smaller than what the cover picture looks like!!
The frame opening is 9 1/4"l ... over one on 28 works out to be just slightly under 5 1/2"l.   That would leave 1.875" margin on either side of the design.  Looking at the cover model, I just don't see it that wide.  IF it was stitched on 25ct instead, there would be 1.565" on either side.   I don't know!!!
I'm going to have to call Hinzeit on Monday just to double check what I should be doing and what she did.
Then to decide IF I will stitch this one again.  I mean, I really really fell in love when I saw it, and really want it as a model for the shop and eventually in my home ... BUT ... I absolutely detest the idea of stitching anything more than once!
     deep sigh


Patti said...

Oh dear! It is so frustrating and annoying when designers don't proof-read their charts. I just read this online about the Hinzeit Charmed Shuttles:

The designs are stitched on 18ct --they all have stitch counts of only 18 x 153, so they are only an inch high... and 8-1/2 inches long.

So sorry this happened. I am also one who does not enjoy stitching a design more than once.

blueladie said...

That's a shame. It IS such a beautiful design and your stitching is gorgeous! Cathryn

Robin-Samplerbird said...

I have had that happen and I was spitting mad...I wouldn't have wanted anyone to hear the words that came out of my mouth. But, in my quest to become an eternal optimist, I know that your lovely stitched piece can be finished differently than intended and be perfection. A few ideas that crossed my mind as I was looking at your finish: a "draft dodger" pillow or add a strip of coordinating fabric and trim to create a pincushion or custom frame it for a mini version similar to those Bent Creek rows. I know that whatever you come up with will be amazing.

Sherry :o) said...

It is a beautiful stitch, tho, Deb - so you are going to do something else with it, I hope! Maybe a small, very cool shaped pin cushion? And it was a quick stitch if you still want to do it...

I am glad my friends or the wonderful people at my favorite shop (that would be Stitches N Things) help me figure - I sure have an issue doing that!