Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reading N ..

I can't believe that 10 days have passed since I've last rambled! Way too much stuff going on in too short of a time period and it's wearing me down.
Last night I just couldn't get to sleep .. so finished off one book, (don't bother reading "Max", the latest by James Patterson - it's just not worth it; methinks he's trying to jump on the "Twilight" bandwagon by rushing out another in his Maximum Ride series (the first book is by far THE BEST!), then got about 1/2 way through another (an older Nora Roberts that I've read before, but most books are my oldest bestest friends!) before I forced myself to turn the light off around 1:40am. Then .. tossed, turned, and did not even get one wink in before I finally gave up at 3:45am and got up to 'begin' my day! Hate when that happens! Too many thoughts of mom, I guess .. going round and round and round.
So here I am .. it's 6:03pm on a Thursday and I've been AWAKE since 7:37am on Wednesday. And .. I'm still awake, killer headache, but still awake. I should probably check into Guinness World Records and see how long .... no, forget it - I really don't care!

Anyway, I've had too few days at my shop for the past three weeks, what with my mother, me and the flu, and my mother again. I think I've been there at the most only 3 days in one week!
Arranged with Debbie to work for me on Friday and Saturday so that I could attend the felting classes with Sharon Costello that I've so been looking forward to. Stopped and picked up a dish to pass at the deli this afternoon (students bring lunch each day to share) and then called to get directions to where the class will be held (can't find the directions from last year .. go figure!).
Told Lana "cool .. I'll see you tomorrow" and she says .. "Saturday, not tomorrow"!
The first day of class is 'Nuno Scarves & Wraps' ... then, the next two days are 'Needle Felted Animals, part 1 and part 2'. And of course, once again who knows where my brain was and when I arranged all this at the shop I wrote down the wrong dates!!! The classes are NOT on Fri, Sat and Sun .. they're Saturday, Sunday AND Monday!!!!
Considering all that is going on .. more that can go wrong is normal I guess.

So .. the plan is this. I'll go into the shop tomorrow morning, and Dave will take mom in for the 1st stage of another bone scan. Then, early early afternoon, I'll go with her for the more involved 2nd stage of the scan .. this time it's 'full body' looking for cancer I assume.
Then, Saturday I'll take the Nuno Felting class ... and on Sunday, the entire day of sculptural animal felting part 1. Monday I'll go for 1/2 the day to work on part 2, so I can be back at the shop by around noon. My sister Patsy will be coming through town on her way back to Cheboygan and wants, of course, to see ME (oh ... and her step-mom, my mom, too!)! On Monday I'll have both Louann and Debbie working till 3pm, so should be able to spring for a cup of coffee with my sister with no worries.
Last time I saw Patsy was last August when I went to Cheboygan to 'sort used underwear' for the Humane Society White Elephant/Garage Sales.

I sure do hate to miss the entire class time .. specially since I've spent the money on it .. but I've been doing felted figures and have the basics down .. just wanted to see what Sharon could have us come up with! So .. no terrible biggie. Actually, still have not figured out WHAT animal I want to create - we're supposed to bring several pictures of the chosen animal from different angles with us to class. Dave has been a 'great help' to me ... suggesting the likes of armadillo, duck-billed platypus, wallaby, ant eater, humptyback whale!