Saturday, April 4, 2009

Writing N Complaining Part Deux

Since my blog has decided to NOT let me post a comment reply to my own blog comment section .. I'll post it here. (I will not be thwarted by technology)

To Anonymous .. you had written "Like I said, we all have bad days, but when it happens everytime I'm there, I go elsewhere. Sorry!"

PLEASE!! *I* am the one who NEEDS to know this .. when it happens or shortly after. I would have commented, if this had happened only in the old store, that the problem has now been taken care of. But .. happening in the Fenton location too? The only way a problem can be addressed is "IF" the problem is known. And believe me, IF something is brought to our attention, it is addressed. I would hope that in the future, no matter where you are when something happens like that, you would either ask to speak to the manager/owner, you would make a call to the manager/owner, you would send an email to that company or, even send a letter. Customer service is what it is all about and I know from places where I felt I 'had' to speak up .. even a few days later .. it was much appreciated by the company and the problem was rectified, for the most part.

Now .. that the complaining part is over .. here's some more of the writing part!

Trying to finish a project that I decided to start after I'd already pulled all the materials for another project. And today, my back ordered Homespun Elegance pincushion arrived .. and I was up front looking at fabric for that too. NO Deb NO
I don't know .. fear of finishing? eyes bigger than my stitching time? short attention span? I am a 'dead ringer' for Dory from "Finding Nemo" ... going about my business just fine and then instantly being distracted and forgetting all about what I was doing or going to do. Sometimes there's 'bliss' in that though .. at least until those forgotten brain cells fire again and you remember what you were about and feel guilty.
Maybe I just want whomever goes through my home after I die to wonder out loud .. 'who in the heck was this woman and why did she never finish anything'!!! Maybe I should contact the Guinness Book people .. there may be a category I could shoot for!

And one last thing to share .. my niece sent me a photo of the felted bowl/vessel I'd given her for Christmas .. I guess it's safe to assume she really liked it!

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Marilyn said...

I have been to your shop a number of times and we drive down from Ontario to come. I love your shop, the service is great and I have found both you and your staff very helpful.
You have an amazing array of patterns and floss and I love them all. When I ask for help I have always received it.
Keep up the great work, and I sure will continue to come or order from you as you have a great stock of patterns.
Thanks for your caring manner and if anyone wants to complain then they should have done it at the time, and not a long time later.
I have learned a long time ago that you can't please everyone,no matter how hard you try.