Saturday, April 25, 2009

Writing N Felting N ..

And here it is .. nearly the end of April! I LOVE this warm weather .. slept with my window partway open last night for some fresh air but why do those damn birds have to start chirping so incredibly loudly so early in the morning? I swear I heard a rooster crow a hour and a half after the birdies started .. they must have woken him up! Grass is green .. dandelions are out (those are the flowers that I can grow with no problems) .. leaves are appearing .. kitties are digging it out in their pen too!

I finally am getting around to showing you the scarf I Nuno Felted at my class last weekend .. this is a premade silk scarf (started out 72" x 15") that I've added wool to, yarns, other silk fabrics, and some silk threads. (I suppose I could have had a pic taken of 'me' actually wearing it .. but that wasn't going to happen!)

It was a really fun class and I plan on doing some further Nuno felting this summer .. when I can work outside (it takes a larger working area than I have in my kitchen or laundry room .. and can get pretty drippy-wet too!). I was thinking of table coverings .. maybe even a runner for the top of my entertainment center.

Days 2 and 3 of the weekend class were spent doing animals .. sculpture. For some reason my pics didn't come through here at the shop, so I'll have to post those perhaps this weekend. I started with a Golden Retriever .. and had some of Nick's 'actual golden coat' to use for some realism. I don't know what happened to me .. but I got really frustrated really fast! Now, I've done sculpture .. quite a few pieces actually .. and have no idea WHY I was stressing out so! I was in such a mood I wasn't going to go back and complete the class, but Dave talked me into it.

And I'm so glad I did! I apologized to everyone there for being in that mood .. but since none of them knew who I was, they didn't know I had been in a mood! (LOL) I not only completed the dog sculpture during the morning of Day 2 (and loved it!), but I started and finished a woolly sheep that day as well! So .. 3 days of felting = 3 completed projects + one happy Deb!

Then this past Thursday, I had some spare time with nothing to do (other than housework, bills, paperwork, etc) .. so I thought I'd try my hand at 'painting with wool'. You start by making a wool background and then place more wools (or whatever) onto the background .. like you were using a paintbrush on canvas. I've never done this before .. heck, I've never tried painting before, and I certainly cannot draw beyond stick figures .. but had fun! The design appeared in my brain on Wednesday and this is what came out:

I used the Art Felt paper and wet felted the entire thing. You can do the background and needle felt .. then wet felt for stability, but .. maybe my next project I'll try to elaborate/embellish with the needle. Even just wet felted, you can actually see ripples in the river water! During the fulling process it shrunk by about 30%, but it's still a nice sized piece .. about 18" high x maybe 11" wide. And .. it's currently hanging on the wall above my mother's bed at Crestmont!

LouAnn says I have to get back to work now .. if she has to work, so do I!
Wait a minute .. I'm the boss .. why should I have to work too?????


Jennifer said...

LOL ... so be bossy!

The Cat Bastet said...

Your scarf and wall hanging are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Deb, you're doing beautiful wet felted work. I especially like your outdoor scene with the river & tree; really nice work!