Friday, July 24, 2009

Writing N Vacations

Vacations! I remember WHEN I could go on vacations .. and it was a very VERY very long time ago! (deep sigh) That's what happens when Dave and I are both self-employed .. utilities and food and gas come before fun. I 'almost but not quite' fondly remember when I was on mandatory overtime (6 days a week, 8am till 7pm daily) at the phone company for 3 incredibly long months after we came back from a strike. Those were the days I actually had money left over after a paycheck! But that was all before I had the bright idea to become 'self employed' and didn't realize that meant the days of having extra money on hand were over!!

I 'had' a vacation planned for 'just me' this coming August. On the 14th I was heading over to the west side of the state to Allegan for the Michigan Fiber Fest (312 miles round trip). The 15th I was heading up to Cheboygan for my 40th high school Reunion (226 miles one way). Then the 16th, my sister and I were driving from Cheboygan to Pinconning for my great-nieces' wedding shower(376 miles round trip) and then drive back up to Cheboygan, where I would stay for another 3-5 day helping out at the County Humane Society's White Elephant Sale (I get to sort through used clothing bags and hope I don't touch anyones' used underware in the process!). Then back home (312 miles) and back to work.

The dates have changed. My sister goofed when she gave me the dates for the 'used underware sorting' .. it will be the following weekend!
So now I have this dilemma! Do I do the Fiber Fest, Reunion, Wedding Shower and then drive back home for 6-7 days and then drive BACK to Cheboygan to help at the sale? Or do I skip the Reunion and offer to meet my sister AT the shower? (I will still go to the Fiber Fest!!!!)
And, can I afford to spend that much money on gas and stuff without upsetting my hubby .. who doesn't get to go on any kind of vacation? Not that this is a 'vacation vacation' but it IS getting 'away' for a bit. And I already, in his eyes, get away for a bit *4* times a year what with going to trade shows and that. (and yes, that's work not sight-seeing, but .. !).

Major decisions to make here!
hummmmmmm .. try to find out how I COULD afford this?


connieks said...

Good luck with your decision. That's a tough one. Just figured out we are the same age. I went to our 40th reunion just this past June. It was fun. All the girls looked great (for the most part). I reconnected with some girls and we have dinner planned in a few days. Now the guys were a different story. They don't look the same. It was fun trying to figure out who was who.

I enjoy hearing about your Mom. Reminds me of some of my stories with my Mom. She passed away in Sept. of 03. I miss her a bunch. We lost my Dad this past March.

I really enjoy your newsletter and now your blog. Loads of fun to read.

Happy Stitching, Connie in Kansas

Anonymous said...

Tough, tough decision, Deb. I feel for ya. Whatever you do, don't DO too much. Take care of yourself.

Jane in WV