Thursday, July 9, 2009

Writing N ..

I think I swallowed an earring! I've done a count and so far have found pairs for all that are scattered around on the counter next to the sink, except for one dangley, and I'm sure I would have remembered it 'feeling funky' if I'd swallowed one that size!
The night I didn't sleep (and it was over 40 hours awake before I finally did .. and slept 10 hours straight), I was going to take a pill. I thought it so strange the next day when I'd not slept at all that the pill didn't work, even a little bit! THEN .. I found the pill .. laying on the counter next to the sink in the bathroom, along with all my earrings and things! I remember taking the pill in there. I remember getting some water in a dixie cup and swallowing it. I do - I really do! Drinking the water that is .. not sure what I swallowed .. if I swallowed. (I'm not going to 'obsess' about it though!!! HONEST)
I did take a pill last night and slept pretty well ... better living through pharmaceuticals!!

Went over to mom's yesterday and she'd done another 180 on me! She was totally back to her normal self, clear, able to remember and talk about stuff, organized and .. just like she was long ago. I wish she'd stop doing this to me! Either be mentally sound or go into dementia ... make up your mind mom .. stop playing with me! Now I have hives again .. and this time there's no real reason for it! So back to anti-itch stuff and more anti anxiety pills. It's really pretty silly ... child of the 60's that I am, I never did pills then! Smoked a bit, true but never did chemicals. Now that I'm well into adulthood .. here come the pills!!!

I'd promised to show you the latest silk gauze 40ct project I'd finished .. this is "Outside The Lines" from Ruby Slipper Designs. This has to be one of the MOST FUN bits of stitching I've ever done! Now to figure out 'how' I'm going to frame it!

And now need another project to work on at home. I've got one I want to do on gauze, but cannot find where I put the chart. I want to do Blue Ribbon Designs' "Americana Panorama"but can't decide if I want to do it on 28ct or 32ct and haven't pulled the fabric yet (I did think about doing this one on 40ct but thought I'd want to hang it high .. and didn't want people to have to get a step ladder to really see it.) I have some little needle felting projects I want to do but haven't felt like needle felting lately! decisions, decisions, decisions. Off to look at fabric so I can go home! Once home, I can do an earring check again!


Daryl said...

Just read your blog, Deb!! You just crack me up! Love your sense of humor!

Unknown said...

Its really lovely.

Melanie said...

I love your pieces on 40-ct. silk gauze, Deb! You inspire me. I remember once you talked about stitching Reflets de Soie's "Chapis" on silk gauze....did you ever do that? It gave me the thought to do that, all the supplies, it's just a matter of prioritizing projects!