Monday, August 10, 2009

... N Things

Went to the Fenton Art At The Park on Sunday .. in 85 degree actual heat, 77% humidity, bright blue skies .. but we went. And it was sooooooo sad! The event ran Saturday and Sunday, but due to torrential down pouring ALL day on Saturday, they obviously cancelled. And there were only about 7 artisans who came back on Sunday to show. Of that, 1 had pillows, 1 had ceramic tile work, 1 glass blower .. the rest had jewelry. So .. Dave and I walked around for all of about 15 minutes, looked at some antique cars and then went home. There's always next year!

Found a new series of books to read! Semi-fantasy, The Weather Warden series by Rachel Caine. Downloaded the first book on a 'whim' to my Kindle and read it cover to cover yesterday! So last night, before I went to bed, downloaded book 2 & book 3, so I could continue the series. Had to read myself to sleep .. too HOT to just try to go to sleep!

Kitties didn't really enjoy the heat yesterday either. They were insistent on going out into their 'pen' (aka the outside safe world), and while the pics of Padame look like she was content, she didn't stay out that long. Came in just long enough to get cool and catch her breath, then wanted back out again for another 3-7 minutes.

As bad as the dog .. in and out, in and out .. but at least Nick had the sense to lay quietly on the cooler ceramic tile in the front entryway .. with the exception of the couple of times he played in his 'swimming pool'. wet dog!! (we don't have AC in our house, but with the windows closed up tight for two days and nights, and with a couple of fans going, it wasn't bad inside at all ... until you tried to go to bed, that is!)

Strange .. I HAD a picture of Mocha ... but it seems to have disappeared! As soon as I figure out what happened to it, I'll post it. (she's such a pretty girl!!)

Gals are giving me 'the look' ... guess I'd better stop blogging and get back to work. It IS Monday after all!


The Cat Bastet said...

Padme looks a little ticked in the second picture. Look at those ears! She is is a beautiful girl.

Nick looks happy in his swimming pool. :)

Anonymous said... as we are I can only imagine it's all the worse when you are wearing a fur coat.

Nick is adorable splashing in his pool.

j39jones said...

I love your animals! Especially the cats. They really don't look all that happy to me, but maybe that's because I have cats of my own and know the looks cats get sometimes! LOL
Rascal (my spoiled rotten baby) loves to get into the grandkids' wading pool also. So does Sholto (dd's scottie)!!