Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Writing N Felting N Vacation Time!

Back from my rushed weekend of trips up and down state. My 40th High School Reunion was held on Saturday in the backyard of one of my former classmates homes. Beautiful weather .. couldn't ask for better! Great food .. good drinks .. fantastic time seeing many I'd gone through school with and trying to sort through who's who without looking first at name tags! Pretty good .. didn't recognize some until I saw their name and then I wondered WHY I didn't recognize them - of course that's who they were! Others, as soon as I heard their voice, I knew immediately! Some recognized me .. some not right away .. only one guy didn't remember me. (HUH!!!) I'm home for the week and leave again on Monday for another trip up to Cheboygan, this one will be a week long and is considered an actual vacation for me!

Wanted to share my latest creation with you ... his name is Raleigh! He's not quite a full grown dragon yet and still has that baby cute face going for him! He stands aprox. 7 1/2" tall and is covered with hand-dyed Buffalo fleece! There are a few sparkly threads here and there that give him a more magic look. Have to admit .. I'm rather proud of him! (he wasn't a kit .. just an idea)

Bought a book on Nuno Felting for me as a gift at the Fiber Fest last Friday (as well as another Needle felting book AND a cool basic instructional book on Drop Spindle Spinning). When I was away this past weekend with all my running around, I found a couple of long silk(ish) scarves at a rummage sale, and plan on seeing what I can create with these doing the Nuno Felting. Maybe tomorrow - I'm taking one day off this week. It's supposed to rain, but I can work in the garage floor with them and still be 'outside but dry'. Otherwise, I always see what Sunday brings.


Suzie said...

Oh! He is a cutie!! I'm sure that people would buy the pattern for him, should you decide to make it available! Hint, hint! lol

I'm happy that you enjoyed fiberfest! Due to other obligations, I couldn't get there until Sunday, and I'll never make that mistake again. Everything that I was specifically looking for was already sold out, and there weren't as many vendors there as in past years. I have no idea if it was that way all weekend, or just because it was the last day, and some may have packed up, to head back home.

I hope that you have a fantastic vacation! It is so beautiful up north, it is well worth driving up and back, even a couple of weeks apart!

I'll be thinking of you, while I'm down here sweltering! lol

The Cat Bastet said...

Raleigh is adorable! I can hardly wait to see him in person.

Glad you are getting some vacation time just for yourself. You need some "me" time!

Ginny said...

That dragon is just too stinking cute! I will have to try felting someday-just too many other things to finish right now. I did see a frog pattern somewhere-is he in your future?

Smiles, Julie said...

CUTE! I love dragons. High school mascot.