Monday, February 15, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and the INCREDIBLE

The GOOD: Just got the new images from Blue Ribbon Designs of her Nashville releases. Since this old computer at home 'lost' it's photo sizing capabilities in the BIG Crash Of '09, I'll have to wait until I get into the shop to add them to the What's New Page!

The BAD: Signed onto AOL weather to find out what the forcast would be for Nashville this week ...
THU Mostly Sunny 41 25 -- FRI Partly Cloudy 46 35 -- SAT Showers 44 30 -- SUN
Partly Cloudy 42 31
Dare I tell Dave? He so looks forward to this Market trip because in Tennessee we get a 'glimpse' of grass getting green and a bit more 'balmy' temperatures. (sign)

The INCREDIBLE: Just saw the picture of the COMPLETED and FRAMED "Autumn At Hawk Run Hollow" being introduced at Market from The Carriage House! As absolutely incredible as her previous "Hawk Run" series .. but absolutely different in layout! Another must-have for ME!!!


The Cat Bastet said...

The 40s sounds pretty balmy to me! Enjoy Nashville!

(Wow, I am tempted by "Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow"!!

Anonymous said...

I'll gladly take the 40's and more importantly NO SNOW! Have a safe trip down :)