Friday, February 19, 2010

Waving HI Frantically from the 5th floor ...

... at the Nashville Market! Dave and I are 'living' this weekend right in the 'middle' of the action ... floors 2, 3 & 4 and then floors 6 & 7 are the 'show' floors with each designer company in a room of their own ... totally remodeled into a little private store just for us to come shop in! Show officially opens tomorrow at 9am for shopping, but I had to meet with Claudia from Dutch Treat Designs this afternoon, so I got to go into her room early! What fun - how cool - all these new stitched pieces on display! Can't wait till I can spend money in there with her. Since there is such a problem getting the Anne cloth into this country right now, most of Claudia's new pieces are her stitched Victorian paper designs ... and you just gotta see these in person! You really do! In other words .. purchase them, stitch them up on perforated paper and TOTALLY WOW your friends and family members!!!

Last night got to spend time with friends, old and new, for several hours: Ellen from With My Needle, Miranda from The Stitching Post, Penny from Ewe Stitch, Carol and Jennie from Cross My Heart, Louise from Cherished Stitches, Karen from Rosewood Manor, and Donna from Satin Stitches. (Ellen did said I was NOT to say anything about 3 of us having 'sex on the beach' in my blog, but apparently .. I must have forgot that when I typed this! LOL)
Taught my gauze class this morning, then had lunch. Did some meeting and greeting with friends and then up to the room to drop off my class models and left over kits. Then decided to sit down and 'chat' with you all a bit. Tonight at 7pm is the "meet and greet" with a preview of what some of the market exhibitors will be showing us tomorrow when shopping begins. That's always so much fun .. a madhouse to be sure, but F U N !!
Have a Counted Thread Group Meeting at 8am tomorrow morning .. .then shopping begins! I keep getting all stressed out thinking how will I do all this and how will I get it all done and what if I miss something .... and then .... "deb - get a grip! This isn't exactly the first year you've been to a cash & carry market and you always get it done! And, unfortunately, there are some designers that are not here this year due to scheduling or family conflicts, so it won't be quite as crazed as it usually is! You'll be fine!! Go take a pill!" So I have my order cards ready and in order by room/floor number .. I know which ones I'm 'hitting' first, and know which ones I'm giving to Dave so he can go purchase for me (have to be very specific with Dave .. he has to have everything all written down so he can just smile and hand the card to someone, take the bag they give him, hand them the check, and leave .. all without having to say or explain anything! (Hey .. he's getting free room service foods here and all the TV he can watch .. he has to do some shopping things for me, right?!)

Anyway .. I'm excited .. I'll need to take a pill to sleep tonight .. this is like Christmas eve to a little one .. knowing that all the presents will be under the tree in the morning ready to dig into and then .. gift overload! Can't wait!


aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

I wish I could be there !!! lol You are having so much fun !!!

The Cat Bastet said...

That sounds like fun! Have a good time shopping. We're all looking forward to seeing what you bring back to the shop!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like loads of fun! I know the snow has kept a few people away.