Sunday, February 14, 2010

Writing N Getting Ready For Nashville

Happy Valentines Day!
What a weekend it's been! I started off this past week needing at least one more week (even 3 more days would have been heavenly!) before I would have to leave for the Nashville Market .. just way too much to do to get the shop and myself ready. And then, as the week wound down with things still so hectic, Friday arrived with a phone call from Betsy.
To hear of her husband Ken's diagnosis of cancer really floored me. Ken is so strong and this can't be happening, this can't be true. But it is. Betsy is a dear, dear friend, and over the years of her coming to teach at Camp, and seeing her at Markets, I've become so 'enamored' of Ken. We'd joke that he and I were running off together. She'd always give us her blessings .. Dave would just smile ... they know us too well it would seem. 5 days till leaving for Nashville .. less than 6 weeks till Camp. If you read my latest newsletter, you'll probably know how much her news affected me .. I couldn't think of anything to write about!
Then, I go into the shop Saturday morning and the very first email I open is from Sharon Crescent, sent the night before upon 'her' reading my newsletter. She checked her schedule and asked if I would like her to come to Camp in Betsy's absence to teach a class! And just like that .. I had another designer coming to teach!

Finished up the day Saturday getting my class kits together for the silk gauze class I'll be teaching in Nashville; spent a few hours today cutting and sorting floss for the kits. Also spent a few hours making notes of what requests I have from stitchers for buying at Market. I'll be adding to THAT list Monday and Tuesday, and then the shop will have to email me nightly with any additions of what I am to purchase. Brought my file cases home from the shop and have to figure out where in the garage my roller cart is stashed; as well as the pull cart for Dave to get all the boxes and bags out of the hotel and into the van when shopping is done. Got laundry done too ... so that's another step closer to leaving. Shoot ... I JUST realized I'd not yet called the Kennel to make arrangements for Nick while we're gone; LouAnn will be coming in daily to check on Mocha and Padme so they don't have to be caged.
Tomorrow have to remember to pull together all the stitched silk gauze models in the shop that I'm going to take with me as 'examples', and pack them up too. THEN I think I may be ready!
I'm sure something else will occur to me .. it always does!

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