Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Been feeling in a bit of a 'funk' lately. Not really sure why, probably stress with mom and all .. and I'm sure the economy is playing into that too. I know my shop is 'strong' even if it does feel from time to time like I'm bobbing in the water with an occasional wave breaking over my head .. at least I'm not going under! This too shall pass .. keep a positive attitude and keep on a' going.

It could be that in about 3 weeks I'll be going to another trade show market and really shouldn't be putting that kind of money out there. But .. if I don't go, I won't know what's going on in the industry. And if I don't know what's going on in the industry, how can I stay up to date with my shop? This is an 'order only' market, and will be a lot more needlepoint and knitting than counted thread, so I'll save some $$ that way. I'll be rooming with Theresa from Homestead Needlepoint too, so won't have the entire week worth of hotel bills to front myself .. and if I live on the chocolate and treats each vendor has in their show spaces, I won't need to worry too much about 'meals'! LOL

Looking forward to two days off starting tomorrow .. got a bit more cleaning to do, this time my bedroom closet, and want to do a small bit of felting and finish my silk gauze hallowe'en design. And, the weather is supposed to be fantastic .. so maybe .. just maybe!!! Then we've got a holiday weekend coming up (which I JUST found out about yesterday!) .. I thought I had weeks to go before Memorial weekend. Where IS the time going?!

Oh and yeah .. I forgot. I have another itty bitty design to stitch up on 40ct gauze! It looks like I 'may' be teaching a Silk gauze class at the St. Charles Market in September to other shop owners (IF anyone signs up for it, that is!). Since I like to do the gauze without doing the stitched background (boring to me!), I want another stitched model to take with me from the same design leaflet to show examples of this with. (The class model worked up to about 1 1/4" x 1" total in size ... it's the little red barn/house from Prairie Schooler's "Autumn Leaves" .. I think the other will be either the pumpkin or the owl, but without the background color done). Funny how my 'Hooked On Reading' project keeps getting pushed a bit further to the bottom. (deep sigh)

Well, I'd better get back to working here ... got some fabric to put away and some more to add to the Sale Page. Later!!!


Anonymous said...

I admire for the work you are doing! I just found you as I was searching for a lost chart for one of my started cross stitch pictures, but I didn't find it on your website. can you give me any ideas where to find the chart for "In the beginning" by Joan Elliott, (Design works)? I wrote to Design Works and they replied but were requesting more information from me. The problem was they were writing from a no reply address, however I sent my reply the email is coming back. It's frustrating! I may end up buying the whole kit again...
Hope your weekend goes well.
Wish you all the best.

Deb said...

Hi Anna .. I could answer you quicker if you emailed the shop, so I apologize for this delay! I don't have this design, but .. I've found it here: http://www.abullrun.com/9679.html
I have no info on this site, but they seem to have the design as a kit if you'd like. I've not been able to find chart only - for the most part, the companies that do the 'kits' rarely ever make the design available in chart-only format. I know .. it drives us crazy too!

j39jones said...

Well, Deb, if I had more money, I would definitely do my part in keeping you "afloat"!! LOL
Alas, the economy is taking its toll on all of us, but you will come thru this, I know it! You are too stubborn to let it get you down!