Sunday, May 10, 2009

Reading N Stitching ...

.. Reading ..
I'm hooked on a new series now .. actually it's Dave's fault, but it started with my friend Diana .. by David Balducci. Diana turned me onto his series starting with "The Camel Club". I, in turn, introduced Dave to them, and had to download the 4th in that series to my Kindle as soon as it was released (and then in turn had to share my Kindle with the David). Dave wanted more of his books, so next door to Lizz's Used Books I go (it's hell having a source right next to my shop - with it's stitching addictions - for my reading addictions!!) and Lizz gave me books 1-3 in another series by Balducci: Split Second, Hour Game & Simple Genius. And then as soon as his 4th in that series was released, had it immediately downloaded to my Kindle. Can't wait .. must read now! Only problem with that is ... since the first 3 books were actual 'books', I let Dave have control of my Kindle so he could read "First Family" while I began the series. Now, since I'm still reading the paperbacks (I'm on book 3), he's still reading the Kindle. He's on "The Host" by the author of Twilight .. one I HAVE to read!! Kindle lets you download a couple of chapters for free to see 'if' you want to purchase the 'book' or not, and I was hooked on what I was able to read! I also have the 9th Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire book that was just released this week downloaded and waiting for me too!
Now I have to find Dave something NEW to read so I can regain control of my toy!!

... N Stitching ...
One of the ways I deal with stress, other than to make a lot of jokes, is to hide myself away. That's what I've been doing lately ... reading like a madman and stitching to beat the band! I've stitched more in the past month and half (or has it been longer??) than I have in a year I'm sure!
Finishing up "Picasso's Rooster" on 40ct silk gauze, and then will either start Handblessing's "Hooked On Reading" or Carriage House Samplings' "A Happy Hallowe'en". I had taken that one with me on my last flight to San Diego and found out that despite a good magnifier, airplane lighting is just not conducive to stitching well on 32ct Black Silk gauze. sigh I was going to post pictures of my completed works, but since I left my camera at the shop, that will have to wait until another day!
Since this is Mother's Day, and since I've been under such stress and yet able to complete so many stitched projects, I'll give credit and say (humor, arr arr) .. Thanks Mom!!!


The Cat Bastet said...

Ooo! I like all you stitchin' projects. I may have to buy Hooked on Reading. :)

Enjoy the new books. I'm really looking forward to the new Sookie Stackhouse book.

j39jones said...

You will absolutely love the new Sookie Stackhouse book!! I bought it and read it all in one day! Also found another series that is really good "Blue Bloods" by Melissa De La Cruz. They are really good also!
Sorry to hear about your mom being so unhappy now. Hope she gets back to being her old self soon!

I have been doing a lot of stitching in the past month also. Not much this past week since I have been running all over town and back and forth to the hospital. After 23 years of waiting...I finally have another girl in the family! My darling and absolutely gorgeous granddaughter was born May 5, 2009!!

Hoping to make use of the 17% off sale this month also! Couple of charts I want along with some more needles (how do I wear them out so fast?)

Deb said...

WHOOO HOOOO ... Congrags Grandma!!!

Anonymous said...

Deb - I'm so sorry to read about what seems to be the never-ending situation with your mom. I wish I could think of some comforting words to see you both through this. I know it was a frustrating situation when my mom had her problems, but it was nothing compared to you and yours. Although I was often too tired to eat when mom was hospitalized, I always found comfort in my stitching. Thank God for such a peaceful hobby. May the latest events be the start of the turning point for the better. Take care -

Dobi said...

With Father's Day coming up, maybe you should think about getting Dave his own Kindle. :) Then you two could trade back and forth.

Maya said...

Loved reading this thankks