Friday, May 22, 2009

Stitching N Celebrating

I'm done! I finished Carriage House Samplings "Happy Hallowe'en" on the 32ct Black Gauze!
You'd think that with being used to 40ct gauze, that 32ct - even though it was black - would be easier! And you'd be wrong. At least .. it was a minor pain for me even with my Ott light over my shoulder and something 'white' on my lap. Not sure if I'll do black gauze again and Doug at Kreinik just told me he's having trouble getting it back into stock, so that may not be a problem to consider in the future. I can see where my stitches are not uniform in tension, but oh well .. I'm done, I'm happy with it and I'm on to new stitching - think I'll start "Hooked On Reading" tonight!
I'll have this one framed with a wide rustic frame and will have a black suede matt board under the gauze as a mounting board. The design really POPS!! (To take this picture, I put the suede matt board corner under the stitched design - the grey you see at the upper right is 'the chair' I had it placed everything on .. and of course, the quarter was placed simply to enable you to estimate the stitched size!)
I did some more 'painting with wool' pictures on Thursday. One is a branch of cherry blossoms against a blue sky but it's too pale/pastel/light/whatever to really show up. I've got to play around with that one a bit more to see if it can be rescued before I can show it to you here. The other is still drying .. vivid colors .. three doves against a sunset, one with an olive branch in his beak. I want to give that one to my mother's roommate at Crestwood .. I think Doris will be very pleased with it. She's been admiring the other two I did for my mother, and the strong colors and religious overtones (undertones?) in this one are right up her alley! I'll take a pic of that one over this weekend and share it with you here.
I am so looking forward to a weekend off .. Sunday and Monday .. to do whatever I want to do! What JOY!!


Glenda Andre said...

I do a lot of stitching on black and have found that using a piece of red fabric underneath it works much better than white, unless I am stitching with a red thread. The red fabric (I bought a cheap red fabric placemat, just the right size for on the lap or table) works well under white, as well as most other colors that it contrasts. This means that unless I am stitching on red family grounds, I only have to worry about having one piece of fabric in my stitching supplies. Since I tend to use white, black, and a few pastels I really don't worry about it. My biggest wish is to find cheap red pillow cases since I keep my in progress needlepoint canvases in pillow cases between stitching sessions. If I can find them, I won't have to carry an extra piece of fabric for under the piece, I'll be able to use the pillow case for that purpose.

Sharon said...

What a wonderful finish!

j39jones said...

Looks great (as usual)!! I really admire your guts in tackling 40 ct (and gauze at that)!! I have a piece of 40 ct for a design I'll eventually get to, but not looking forward to it! Will probably have to take my glasses off for that one! LOL