Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Day, More Market Hints Posted!

I wish I could come to terms with my adding all these advance Market notices .. it goes against 16 + years of my going to Markets. I'd be surprised when I got there, and couldn't wait to share my surprises with my customers upon my return!
But these days .. with designer blogs and websites .. there's too much being put out there in advance .. so why not add to my site? Plus, this way I'll know just what amounts of certain items to make sure I come back with. And I guess I shouldn't feel too bad .. there's always surprises the designers have for us that they don't tell us about in advance. So that, and the social/business interactions with the designers and other shop owners, is what makes a Market perfect!! So .. I'm still a adding!


Waking up, drinking enough coffee to actually know where I was when I fully woke up, and turning on my Kindle to find that the NEWEST book from DAN BROWN had been downloaded to my Kindle overnight while I was tossing and turning and trying to sleep!
Whoooo hooooo .. I can't WAIT to read it! But .. if I start it tonight, I'll never get my felting pieces finished and I'm on the final animal right now. And I have to do more outside scarf felting while this warm weather holds. And .. if I read it now, what will I read on the plane trip to Market??? I guess I'll be trying to 'learn patience' over this next week (and that will be a hard one for me .. miss no patience whatsoever!).

I don't get much time to read blogs, but when I do, I turn to 'my blog list' first. That's where I found the incredible Halloween designs that The Primitive Needle will have at Market! (They're already posted to my what's new page)
And, have you seen the designs that Donna from By The Bay has been doing? They're not released yet, but ... !
I absolutely love this stocking ornament! How cute is this? And, if you go to her current postings on my blog listing .. you can see her Poinsettia design .. It's stunning!!
And in reading Ladybug Lane's blog, I found that there is a free Halloween design you can download courtesy of Just Cross Stitch - http://www.just-crossstitch.com/
And .. if you've not seen the free Halloween design you can download yet from The Cross Eyed Cricket Collection, go here: http://www.cecricket.com/gift_design.html
(I'll have their newest Christmas freebie as one of my 'complimentary charts of the month' for October next month!!)
oh oh .. nearly got caught fooling around on shop time .. gotta go back to work before that evil boss I have finds out!

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The Cat Bastet said...

It The Lost Symbol is half as good as Dan Brown's other books, you won't be able to put it down! I still don't have a Kindle so I'm waiting for my turn on the library's waitlist.

Ooo! Halloween freebies! Thanks. :)