Friday, September 4, 2009

Used Clothing N Writing

Back from my 'vacation' .. a vacation where I spent from Monday afternoon till Saturday at noon with my hands in boxes and 'garbage bags' filled with donated clothing, used clothing, mouldy dirty clothing, clothing where mice and who knows what other little denizens of the dark lived in while in 'storage' in barns and garages and attics. I really know how to live it up on my vacation time, don't I?

Every year the Humane Society of Cheboygan County holds a huge rummage (white elephant) sale at the County Fairgrounds. You know those huge metal buildings where the livestock are kept? Well, that's where we are! It's a HUGE sale over 2 1/2 days ... with 6 of those 'barns' filled - one with 'guy' stuff, one with furniture and holiday items, one with kids clothing, toys and household linens, one with books, records, crafts and kitchen items, one with 'priced items' (the newer nicer stuffs), and one with all adult clothing. That's the one where I go to help out in.
The best part is I get to hang with my sister for that entire week, staying with her, working there with her, running the streets with her, and eating ice cream for dinner with her!

And I do not jest about the condition of the clothing. What do people think? They should be so ashamed of themselves for what they donate. Ripped out seams, badly stained, stuff that they would never consider wearing ever again where anyone could, might, see them. But I guess that they figure someone who can't afford much, who may be on a budget, who may be looking for a deal, who may be homeless, .. they would be GLAD to have clothing like this! Good thing we all have hand sanitizers with us! You really wouldn't believe it! But .. it IS a fun time!

This year I decided to bring my camera with me .. to record what it all looks like before the doors open that first sale day. So nice .. so pristine .. like a 'store' with carefully sorted piles.
Then .. the doors opened at 9am .. and after only 20 minutes ...............................
.All those carefully sorted, sized sections became heaping mounds of mixed mens, womens, pants, dresses, etc!
And then .. while we would attempt at different times to 'straighten' out the tables .. people would be standing right next to us, throwing everything around all over again. sigh

I did get some neat fabrics to experiment with my scarf felting with .. and Nick got some super stuffed toys to destroy! oh joy!

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