Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally Awake ....

... now that my California market trip has faded into the background of my mind, that is.

I arrived back at Flint Bishop airport at 11:59PM Tuesday night and thankfully, Dave was awake and waiting for me. By the time we got home and what little adrenalin I had left had faded away, it was after 2:00AM on Wednesday morning. Slept until 9:30am .. went back to bed at 11.30am. Woke up at 3pm .. drifted off to sleep in my chair on and off between 5 and 7pm. Stayed awake long enough to watch "Mercy" and then back to sleep I went. Got back into the shop on Thursday ... shop was still standing, shop still looked the same, and I still have the same work waiting for me. sigh
The only 'shock to my system', other than jet lag, was when I met my flight in Milwaukee WI and had to WALK out to the tarmac and into the plane .. with no coat!! I had a lightweight wool poncho on and my winter coat was in my suitcase in the belly of a plane somewhere .. knew I wouldn't need it for Long Beach!

I had the BEST time! Not sure what all made it all go so wonderfully .. perhaps the weather, the classes I took, the people I was spending time with .. I don't know .. it was just so MUCH FUN! Even in the 'postage stamp' we stayed in (the people at that hotel were so nice!!). Penny flew out on Monday afternoon so I had LOTS more room that night. Karen Aho and I spent Monday afternoon at the Aquarium Of The Pacific as she wasn't flying out until Tuesday like me. THAT was fun .. love "Nemo and Dorie", and saw fishies I'd never ever seen before up close and in person. I refused to "pet" a shark or "sting ray" however ... not me, no how! We then had a nice pizza dinner and talk.

Mom had given me money for Christmas so I spent that on my Loom and all kinds of felting wool and yarns and my personal travel expenses, so that worked out well. Still, I DID give my shop checkbook and CC a bit of a workout. Not like Nashville, but !

I did have to spend some time in airports showing off my Kindle. Karen got to play with it before her plane took off; she'd just seen one before but not operated one. And while in the Phoenix airport while drinking my Chai Tea Latte with ESPRESSO, one of the guy staff wanted to know what it was all about .. so I didn't get much reading done while at Starbucks waiting for my flight out. Had no problems with it on the plane though .. and spent all my flight time there and back listening to an audio book "The Lace Reader" by Brunonia Barry ... which I totally enjoyed!!! I didn't really want to stop and wait for the return flight to continue it. A great read, er .. listen!

And then Nashville will be coming up ... Feb 19 - 21 ... and Dave will be going to that Market with me as my trusty pack mule. Luckily for me, NASCAR Speed Week and Daytona will be the week before we go instead of actually during the Trade Show. It's so hard to drag him away from the TV then to come and get packages to haul back to the room for me.
As soon as Nashville is over, Camp Stitchalot will be 3 weeks later. I think I get to breathe again in late April!!

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