Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Market Bound!!!

Greetings from Sunny Phoenix!! At least, it LOOKS sunny from the airport windows. Two flights down, one more to go and then I have to find transportation to my hotel in Long Beach CA.

Such a small town girl I am! Flew in on Continental and had to change airlines to US Air. That means I flew into one terminal and then had to take a bus to terminal 4. I was falling asleep between Cleveland and Phoenix, so found a Starbucks as soon as I got to terminal 4 and made them add a shot of espresso to my Chai Tea Latte ... love the taste of Chai, needed the kick of the espresso. THEN ... I find out that I have to go through security again .. and of course, can't take my beverage through!! Aaaargh! There went $5.00 down the drain ... almost! A very kind TSA employee told me that since I had quite a wait now between flights, why didn't I just go sit over there in the corner (there WAS a chair there) and drink my 'fix'. THEN I could go through security with no I did it! Now that I'm at my gate with time galore to spare, guess what kiosk is RIGHT NEXT DOOR ... yep .. Starbucks! I don't dare get another! Deb and 2 shots of espresso + boarding a plane = Deb getting thrown off the plane for excess energy!!!!

Being the single minded person I am ... only one thing can be concentrated on at a time ... I did NOT realize until Dec 30th that I would be flying to Market DURING Inventory! I honestly thought I had a couple more weeks to go. Needless to say, Jan 1 - 4 were rather nerve racking for all in close proximity to me! It's not actually the 'counting of items' for Inventory that gets me crazed ... it's the final SEEING on paper just HOW MUCH MONEY is wrapped up in the shop (and knowing that I'll be taxed on it all over again too)! Let's just say that on Wednesday I called my tax people and had them "raise" my coverage amounts! deep sigh

So, in a couple of hours I'll be in Long Beach at The Varden-A Boutique Hotel...about 4 blocks away from the convention center, so nice walking distance. I'm rooming with Penny from Ewe Count in Wyoming. Tomorrow, Thursday, I'll be in a TNNA Retail Council Board meeting all day long.

Friday starts classes ... I'm taking a "Learning To Weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom" (keep in mind that I will most likely once again be the ONLY Cross Stitch ONLY shop owner at this trade show .. it's mostly needlepoint & knitting .. and I was the only XS only shop there last year!). Then we'll have the Retailers’ Meeting/Luncheon/
Special Speaker; that evening will be the Sample It ! (where we can purchase a sampling of what will be shown),the Teacher Meet & Greet; Needlepoint Group Event and Fashion Show.

Saturday begins SHOPPING! I also have a class that morning, before the floor opens, another Needle Felting Class ... but I couldn't resist: "punch away on our newest needle felting stress reliever, "My Ex-Husband." Now HOW could I not take a class with that description??!!! Saturday night we have some free time where we can go over to the Queen Mary for dinner .. fun!

Sunday .. another class in the morning before shopping begins, this time "Ewe Don't Need No Stinkin' Dye Pots" when you learn to take yarn from bare to beautiful the Ewe Dye-It way. Chris will teach you the tricks to her ultra low water method using professional acid dyes. Her no mess techniques are safe and use commonly available supplies for gorgeous results on wool, silk or other animal fiber yarns and threads." This technique should cross over to wool roving, and I brought some white merino with me ... just in case! That evening, before dinner is the Counted Thread and Embroidery Group Meeting.

Monday morning is another board meeting and then the final day of shopping .. Market closes at 2pm. I don't fly back out until around noon on Tuesday, so I'll have some 'me' time maybe. Of course, each night is also meeting with friends as well as for networking and dinner and fun!
Since I don't have my power cord with me, I'll cut this short before my battery dies. I DO .. I WILL have to get a much smaller/lighter computer for my next trip! When I got this one, it was the lightest out there - that was probably back 'in the day' and now it's one of the heaviest. Dragging it on my shoulder from flight to flight is a bit more than I ever want to do again! Hope to be in touch a bit later!!!!

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The Cat Bastet said...

Sounds like you'll being doing lots of interesting things! Say hello to the Queen Mary for me. I want to meet her!

I hope they're letting you read your Kindle and/or stitch on the planes.

Have a fun and safe trip!